Building No Case

I’ve had a phrase rolling around in my head lately. I keep encountering it and it seems so simple, and still so weighty for me. “I will not build a case against another person.” That’s it. Just a simple sentence. But I find that those words are so powerful. “Life and death are in the […]

Bite my Tongue!

Doing bible study, this prayer really touched me and convicted me: Dear Lord, help me control my tongue.  I need your help to praise my husband instead of criticize or complain in times of conflict. Remind me to turn to you first. Um, YES LORD, PLEASE!!! I love my girlfriends, and there is nothing more […]

Spiritual Warfare and Un-met Expectations.

He was gone all day Saturday. For very good reason. He was volunteering at our local ministry. My oldest became sick Saturday night, had to be taken to Quick care Sunday morning. He wanted to practice shooting his gun at the range. When I came home from the doctor, he left again. Monday, he had […]


I Sometimes look at my life and wonder how my husband and I ever lasted 5 years in our marriage before coming to Christ. Trust me, it was a yucky road I never want to travel down again, and after coming to Christ, the road still remained bumpy for a while, we had to do […]

DIY Date Jar

Sometimes it feels like between the military and our little one, my husband and I don’t have time for each other. Not only that, but when we’re able to MAKE time, we don’t know what to do! I don’t know what it’ll be like when we have another little one but making this Date Jar […]

The war on your marriage!

I don’t want to alarm you, but there is war against your marriage. Something doesn’t want you together…..And it will do anything to try and tear it apart. Like it does With Any God driven thing. I have lived and been on the front line of this war. While I was there, Sometimes I felt […]

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