What is Holding you back?

For the past, I would say about 3 years, I sit and wonder what I had missed out on because of fear? What did God have for me but I didn’t see it, because I was afraid. Do you ever ask yourself the same questions? Or know, you missed out on something? I don’t like […]

Remember His Faithfulness

The night before my youngest had sinus surgery, I was a ball of nerves. I feared for him, how scared he would be, the risks involved, and all the unknowns. Entrusting my child into the hands of hospital staff left me feeling powerless and helpless. There is much in this life to worry about. Life […]

A Prayer for the Fearful Heart

“I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.” Psalm 34:4 Dear Father in Heaven, I come before you today with a heart full of fear. I feel hunted down by the circumstances of my life. It’s like I am trapped in a corner with no way out. I’m […]

In the Face of Fear

A year or so ago, my husband and I walked along the shores of Normandy, France. We toured the beaches where D-Day occurred, nearly seventy years ago. With my feet plunged in the cool, wet sand, my eyes scanned the horizon. Thinking about that day, my heart was heavy with emotion for all that happened […]

Why Then Should We Fear?

This month at CSAHM, we are talking about fear. In last week’s post, we looked at a good type of fear–the fear of the Lord. Today, I want to talk about another kind of fear, the kind that keeps us from moving forward in life. The kind that keeps us up at night, fills our […]

To Fear the Lord

This month’s theme at CSAHM is fear. When I hear the word fear, the first thoughts that come to my mind are of all the things that terrify me: snakes, spiders, scary movies–you get the picture. These are things which make me run the other direction; I avoid them at all costs. (In fact I […]

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