To Nag or Not to Nag?

When you first got married, were there qualities about your husband you assumed or hoped would go away? What happened when they didn’t? If you are anything like many wives, you may have begun “nagging” him about the problem. Though we tend to call it “reminding” rather than nagging. Am I right? The dictionary defines […]

Praying for Your Teenager

As a Christian parent, one of the most effective ways that you can influence the faith of your teenager is through prayer. Believe it or not, the simple act of praying to God about your teenager is a great way to bring about changes if necessary, or reinforce the steadfastness that they already experience. If […]

How to Teach Your Child to Give Thanks

Giving thanks is an important part of life. So many times we see those who are not thankful, not grateful, but selfishly act as if everything should be given to them, whether they deserve it or not. God has given us more than any person ever could even if we didn’t deserve any of it. […]

Teaching Your Child Meal Time Prayers

As Christians, giving thanks is an important part of our relationship with God. We want to show our gratitude to him, so even from the time we are very young we learn to say our prayer of thanksgiving especially at meal time. You as a result will likely start early on in life attempting to […]

How to Teach Your Child to Make Prayer a Priority

If you’ve ever started your day, begun it and realize that you haven’t spent time with your Heavenly Father, then you may have noticed how quickly your day may have gone downhill. If you have made spending time with God first thing in the morning a habit in your life then you know the benefits […]

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