Website Review: Work Opportunity as a Professional Organizer

Given the chance to review the work opportunity at Professional Organizer, I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. If I had a natural bent towards organization, I think I would probably jump on this and get my own business up and running.

Professional Organizer presents a training and membership program that offers practical advice and instruction for anyone who has both the desire and ability to organize well. The membership program offers training videos specific to Setting Up Your Business, Setting Up Your Website, Marketing Modules by another organizational expert, and even Running Your Business.

I was really impressed by the very practical and detailed advice given in the videos. The videos are powerpoint presentations that lay out step by step how to start your own business as a Professional Organizer. Videos address specifics such as

  • Creating your business name,
  • Creating a legal business, and
  • Setting your rates

Other videos cover

  • Your workbag (and what to put in it!),
  • Your Client Database,
  • What you should say (in your first phone call), and
  • Keeping it professional

Members are provided a free business website theme, and a series of expert interviews so you can learn from the best! In addition, members have access to a discussion board to provide interaction with others, like you, who want to take your organizational skills and build your own business!

If you have any interest whatsoever in what this training program has to offer, I highly recommend signing up for the *F*ree 7 Day Mini-Series newsletter. I was really glad to see the thoughtful, realistic, and practical advice given on the topics addressed. Some people want to avoid the realities of starting your own business, but I believe that Cynthia Murray, the founder of this business, wants to offer members the best opportunity to use your skills and abilities to provide an income source that works for you. And don’t forget to check out the BLOG to find some times you might be able to use in your own home to get things in better working order!

You can find more information about JOINING the training program HERE.

*Disclosure: As with all business ventures, please do your own research and be sure to fully understand everything you join before you commit to anything.

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