Edible Christmas Tree Ornaments

A long time ago people used edible Christmas tree ornaments when it came time to decorate their trees for the holidays. They used cranberries and popcorn for garland. They may have also baked cookies and placed them on the tree in lieu of store-bought ornaments. If you like the idea of making your own edible Christmas tree ornaments, you may want to try some of the following recipes.

Candy cane rings can be made from simple sugar cookies. Cut them out like you would a doughnut where you use two circle cookie cutters or a doughnut maker. These will create a doughnut -shaped cookie with little effort. When the cookies have been baked and are cool, decorate the cookies using white and red icing. To complete it, tie a red string licorice around the ring and use that as the hanger for your cookie ornament.

Another option for making candy cane rings would be to make the two batches of sugar cookie dough. One would have no color added while the other would have red food coloring added. Make ropes out of the cookie dough and then twirl them around each other. Be sure the ends are stuck together well or the cookie might fall off the tree. Bake them and then finish them off the same way as the one above.

Purchase a few Styrofoam cones and make a mini Christmas tree to hang on your tree. Break toothpicks in half. You’ll also need spice or gumdrops and ribbon in ten inch lengths. Poke one end of the toothpick into the gumdrop then into the Styrofoam cone. Cover the entire surface of the cone. Tie the ribbon around the candy-covered cone and then hang it from your tree.

Another simple edible Christmas tree ornament you can make is chocolate-covered pretzels. To add interest you can dip some of them in white chocolate and some in dark chocolate. Thread pieces of ribbon through the pretzel and then place them on the tree. Another option would be to thread the pretzels on long pieces of ribbon to create a garland for the tree.

Long ago families used edible Christmas tree ornaments. Store-bought ornaments were a luxury most people couldn’t afford. If you’re concerned about spending too much on decorations for your home, consider using some of these ideas to create edible ornaments for your tree.

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