{QOTW} How Do You Rest?

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This weeks question:
How do you rest?

We had a speaker at my church’s local womans retreat and her name was Beth Booram. She was speaking on her book The Wide Open Spaces of God: A Journey With God Through the Landscapes of Life. The one landscape she spoke on that really stuck out to me was the green pastures landscape.

Green pastures is where we find rest, but she pointed out that we need to choose to go there. So lately I have been intentionally looking for ways to rest everyday. I find this helpful because I often find when it’s time for me to serve the Lord, if I do not rest up, then I do not have the energy to do so. Right now I’m finding that balance between work and rest.

Some things I intentionally try to do everyday to find rest:

  • Sit down and eat with my kiddos and take the time to rest while I’m eating.
  • Take a 30 minute nap. I’ve also been “leading” my kiddos to green pastures and implementing a rest time for them during the day too.
  • Read a book.
  • Folding laundry, amazingly folding laundry actually helps me to rest. I have to sit down to fold laundry, and often I keep the television off so I can find a moment of quiet in my day.

SO those are all of the things I can think of. I would love to here what you do when God leads you to green pastures…

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