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We are dedicated to putting God first in our lives and studying the word. We are here to support YOU in walking with the Lord and leaning on Him to help guide you in being the wife and mom He called you to be. We believe strongly in faith, family, and the home.

Committed to FAITH

We are committed to faith by providing regular online Bible Studies with assignments for our members.

At the Christian Mom Club we believe that being a wife and mother is one of the toughest jobs out there and really can only be done right with the help of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We believe that our journey to raising strong children, and developing healthy Christian Marriages, begins with knowing and building a relationship with the Lord.

That is why we are committed to our faith and DAILY Bible Study.

Sample Studies:

~ Bible Study Contentment: Discontentment Leads to Sin
~ Bible Study Contentment: Perspective
~ Bible Study Contentment: Sight of the Eyes
~ Bible Study Love: Bears All Things
~ Bible Study Love: Endures All Things
~ Bible Study Love: Patience With God
~ Bible Study Love: Seek the Lord’s Will in Everything
~ Bible Study Love: Believe in the Lord’s Promises
~ Bible Study Obedience: Becoming Obedient
~ Bible Study Obedience:Overcoming Guilt
~ Bible Study Obedience: Are You Stuck in Grace?
~ Bible Study Obedience:“If You Love Me You Will Obey Me”
~ Bible Study Obedience: The Believer’s Spiritual Growth Funnel
~ Bible Study – The Telling Truth: Pride vs. Sin

Online Bible Study

Committed to Family & Home

We are committed to family and home by putting God first and by fellowship with other stay at home moms like us. We love our family and are working towards creating healthy marriages, children, and homes. Our forums provide many different opportunities for you to talk about your life as a mom and wife. We also provide monthly learning resources designed to help you on this journey.

That is why we are committed to fellowship with other Christian Stay at Home Moms.

Sample Printables:
~ Printable PDF – Craft Planner
~ Printable PDF – Bible Study Notes

The Christian Stay at Home Moms Club is an ONLINE club for SAHM’s and SAHM wannabes alike.

Being a Christian Stay at Home Mom Isn’t Always Easy – But We’re Here For Each Other!

The Christian Stay at Home Mom will find support in the following areas:

  • Member Learning Resources – Every month we will have a new member resource designed to help you become the best Christian, wife, and mother God created you to BE!
  • Your Christian Walk – Look for bible study assignments and discussion on a particular subject. We will focus on a new subject every month.
  • Your Christian Marriage – Our moms share tips, resources, and discuss what it takes to be the best Christian wife they can be!
  • Christian Parenting – Let’s face it being home with the kids is tough! Join us as we support each other in this tough job called MOTHERHOOD!
  • Weight Loss Support – Here you will find accountability, tips, and resources in your goal to lose that weight!
  • Homeschooling – Support, discussion, and resources for the homeschooling Christian Stay at Home Mom!

Our set up is designed for fellowship and support.


Believe it or not there is a very simple formula to being a successful Stay at Home Mom, and that simple formula is keep God first and everything else will fall into to place.

Once you become a member of the Christian Stay at Home Moms Club you will certainly see our focus is on God, and we are committed to providing resources to help you grow in your walk with Christ.

I think stay at home moms have one very simple goal – and that is to be a GOOD mom. Well, we CAN certainly achieve this goal through our relationship with Jesus Christ and our fellowship with other believers.

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Please note: that ALL memberships that include Bible Study access gives you the license to print and distribute the Bible Studies for at home Bible Study groups! All that is required when you print out our studies is that you give credit where credit is due, and do not alter them in any way, thank you! Limit is 10 prints, per Bible Study, per member!

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Online Bible Study

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