Routines & Scheduling

When I was younger, my mom was a stay at home mom. Our house was always clean, I never had to ask for food – she just “knew” when I was hungry, and running errands was the highlight of my day when I was a young child. I knew when I became a stay at home mom I wanted my house to run as smoothly as hers did.

Now if I am to be honest I will have to admit that I use to strive to keep my house as clean as she did hers, but I don’t anymore. Sorry but I just don’t have time to clean the bathroom – toilets, showers and all – every single day! But I do attempt to clean them to where it is safe to use them, lol!

But for the longest time I found it SO hard to be organized, and even follow a schedule to where the home life felt less like complete chaos and more like pure bliss – well even just half bliss and half chaos would do me just fine. So I have worked at trying to evaluate what it was that she did so well to where when I was a child life was structured and I felt safe and secure.

Well one key I was missing when it came to time management and setting up a schedule for my family was this fabulous thing called routines. Now we have all heard how wonderful it is for kids to have a bedtime routine, and all of us moms who have actually taken this advice to heart and have implemented the bedtime routine, we all know how much it actually works!

I didn’t realize how much a routine would effect MY life as well. Developing routines for the morning, noon, and night is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, your children, and your family.

It may feel overwhelming to start a routine for throughout the day, so try starting with the morning routine and work your way down. Maybe even work on setting up a routine for your children first then yourself.

When we started homeschooling my oldest daughter we had started her on a morning routine, and this has really helped her to train herself to get up in the morning and start the day off early. I think this is a beneficial skill for all children to learn and will help them to succeed in the real world once they leave the house and are on their own working and trying to make a living.

Here is a sample morning routine you can use with your children ages 3 and up:

  1. Wake up and make bed.
  2. Get dressed.
  3. Brush Teeth
  4. Eat Breakfast

Now at first most kids will need guidance and supervision when it comes to establishing a routine. But the beauty of routines is that for your kids it will eventually become second nature and they will be able to go through these steps easily on their own.

Also with the brushing teeth, most 3 year olds will still need help with this step until they are able to tie their shoes.

Some ways to motivate your children to learn and keep their morning routine:

  • Have a sticker chart.
  • Place a picture list of their routine within their view to help them remember the next step in the routine.
  • Give them choices and let them be in control of the steps in the routine. For example: let them pick out their own clothes the night before.
  • Don’t be too picky about the results. If the bed isn’t made perfectly, so what. If they want to brush their teeth, let them, and then give their teeth a good brush after wards when you are “checking” their teeth

Developing a routine is not a difficult task, however being committed and disciplined enough to do so is. Just remember though that a routine for everyone is a GOOD thing and will definitely help to make your scheduling and time management WORK!

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