Cute Bookshelves For Kids

I’m sure some of you have seen this done, but to those of you who haven’t or if you’re curious how well it actually works, keep reading.

What You Need:

  • (3) Ikea Spice Racks – or the number of your choice
  • Books!
  • Thumbtacks or nails to hang one on each side of each rack (two nails per rack)


I went to IKEA and bought three spice racks. *What I didn’t know (I’ve only gone to IKEA a few times ever) is that the spice racks need to be assembled. It’s good to keep that in mind if you’re planning on doing a whole wall of these shelves.

The idea is to use these spice racks as wall shelves to display kids books vertically but with the cover facing outward.

Here’s our miniature collection:


Does It Work?

Obviously, it does it’s purpose of storing my daughters books (with the exception of the pile of books we keep in the living room) but how does SHE like it? Does she use it?

YES! She sees the pictures on the front cover and knows immediately which one she’s interested in. She can’t read the titles but she has become so much more interested in her books after being able to SEE the cover of each one. The trick to getting your kids attention really works!

Cost Breakdown:

At 3.99 a piece, I paid roughly $12. I already had the nails to attach them to the wall and I already had the books. For me, it was well worth it!

Feel free to comment below with any other creative ways you store your children’s books or gotten them more interested in reading. I look forward to reading your ideas!

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