The Ministry of Friendship

My last post on Friendship (November) dealt with a hard topic for me. As I mentioned, I have spent the first 25 years of my life being a mediocre friend. I longed for the sister-like bond between me and a friend to form. I prayed and sought God I walked a lonely path where other weaknesses were revealed as a tried to ‘cope’ on my own at times. (You know, tired of waiting for God to do it, so you take matters into your own hands.) Then, just over a year ago, God began to bless me with some amazing women that have strengthened my faith and given me a community to be real with. I honestly thought that these women were a gift to me, but in reality, we were given to each other…and another ministry of mine has been revealed.

I was talking with one of them one evening and she asked me a question. It had to do with the Holy Spirit and her desire to get in the Word consistently. I simply offered her some advice that I had heard from a Beth Moore bible study. I told her to ask the Holy Spirit to stir the fire of desire in her heart. That HE is the root of the desire to be with God and take in His word. She loved the advice and thanked me. We went on talking about this topic for a while and in that conversation she helped me to see that giving words of encouragement to women, moms in particular, was a ministry of mine. I couldn’t believe it! She was right! I have the gift of gab, and God is using it in my new friendships to empower them to a closer walk with Him! All this time, I have been without close friends, but when the time came and I received them, a ministry was born.

Now, we pray for one another frequently. I find it easier than before to make new friends and connect in groups where I am the ‘new girl’. I have a ministry of friendship and I am learning daily how to use it to further His kingdom and be LOVE to those who don’t know our blessed Redeemer. Within myself, I am none of this. Through Christ, I am all of this and so much more!

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