Friendship is one of God’s Greatest Gifts

It is funny how life works sometimes. This past month of thankfulness has brought an awful test for me. I have been battling some serious moodiness. I hesitate to call it depression because overall my attitude was good, but all of a sudden on any given day, my joy would be stolen and I would sink into a mood straight out of the pits of PMS.

Most women know what I am talking about. This mood, if given permission, will steal the joys right out from under your nose. I have been at odds with this mood ALL month! I have cried out to my savior, begging him to take this away from me. I look back on my journal and see it appear time and time again, even on the same page as a list of praises.

Being Grateful Doesn’t Make You Immune

Being grateful doesn’t make you immune to the mood. I think it is a great tool to combat it though. The other tool that I see as a gift straight from our Creator is friendship. I am growing in my appreciation for this facet of life as the years go on.

Honestly, I grew up a mediocre friend. I never really saw true friendship modeled to me at home (that is a whole other topic). So, it took me until I was an adult to even understand how to be a good friend. These past five years of being a stay at home mom have been such a blessing for so many reasons; but the most rewarding to me as a woman (not a mother) is the opportunity I have been given to cultivate friendships with some amazing women. I know you can cultivate friendships in any season and in any environment, but when I became a SAHM, I lost the connection of the work place with the women in my life. I began praying for God to give me new friendships. I wanted godly women who were also in the throws of Motherhood.

This is Community

The journey to where I am now seemed long at times, but I am sitting here one of the richest women in the world. I have some of the most godly women around me on a regular basis. I am not talking about holier-than-thou types, but real moms with hearts towards God. Women that I can be real with…even when I don’t want to be. I can call these women any time and ask for prayer, and instantly I feel it. This goes both ways too. When I know any of them are having a hard time, I lift them up in prayer. This is community. This is something that I treasure deep in my heart. I am coming out of my funk because of the prayers of these women. I believe Jesus didn’t act swiftly on my request this time in order to show me the love that he has surrounded me with in the form of my friendships. Thank you Jesus for delaying the answer to my request, you have taught me a deeper appreciation for the friendships we have on Earth.

If this is something you lack, please seek the Lord on bringing Godly women into your life. It may not happen overnight. (It sure didn’t for me). But be patient and continue to seek him as your nearest and dearest friend; because even when you get those friends, He will still be your nearest and dearest one.

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