Are You Qualified to Homeschool Your Child?

Making the decision to home school your child is not one to be taken lightly. If your child has experienced the school system, it may be a difficult transition but one that is still achievable. Remember that the role of educating the child has always been the parent’s responsibility so you are qualified to home school your child.

Many believe that in order to educate your child a degree is necessary but that is not true. The only requirement is patience and love for your child. With love and patience all else follows and the learning process will be a smooth path. As a parent, you know the abilities your child has and can develop a curriculum designed for their unique needs. This in essence is perfect for your child instead of the cookie-cutter curriculum offered in the school system.

If you are considering homeschooling your child you will want to be familiar with the requirements within your state. Each state has different requirements such as having a licensed teacher evaluate your child at the end of the year as well as yearly scholastic aptitude testing. Some may simply require a portfolio of what your child has accomplished throughout the year. All the legal and state qualifications can be found online or by contacting the school system in your area.

It is important to prepare your paperwork and choose a curriculum that will fit your family. You can either design your own curriculum or purchase a curriculum package. There are packages that are set up by grade, as well as Christian and secular based. A Christian curriculum will include Bible studies as part of the curriculum and have a faith-based curriculum as a whole. Many of the packages will also include grading services such as items needed for record keeping, report cards and other services.

Simply put, YOU ARE qualified to home school your child. Persistent parents who care for their children are not intimidated by rules and regulations. The education and safety of your child far exceeds the frustration that may be encountered.

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