Tonight was a big deal for my family. May not seem that way to others, but to us and to me, it was a very special time, and something we had never done before. We recently moved and I had asked our pastor to come over for dinner, so we could talk, and pray over […]

Why does suffering exist?

As believers and non-believers, we all suffer. Whether it is through the loss of a loved one, an unhealthy diagnosis, job loss, or any other crisis in our lives, we all endure suffering. As Christians, it is a natural reaction to wonder why and what we did wrong to deserve what is happening. And although […]

The Ultimate Sacrifice

When I think of sacrifice, the first thing that comes to mind is the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made on the cross. If you take a closer look at what really took place, you start to sense the depth of sacrifice that our Lord and Savior made. He not only died to pay a debt of […]

Disobedience is Sin

“I didn’t know what to do. I thought if I asked him one more time, I would break down. How could I possibly submit to my husband when he doesn’t help me with the house?” This question reminds me of similar thoughts I’ve had myself, as not only a wife, but a child of God. […]

I don’t understand!

There has been much growth in my life in the past month as I have been in bible study and getting closer with God. Things in my life, I call them test and trials, come as lessons to what I am learning. Sometimes I am quick to understand what is going on and other times, […]

Obedience Means to Listen

Obedience means to listen to God. If we’re not listening to God and what He commands, then how are we obeying Him? Listening to God can be achieved in two different ways: 1.) Hear His voice. 2.) Read His word. Obeying what He says is very important and the great part is that whatever God […]

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