Love Him Well

Send to Kindle Something in my heart has shifted the past couple of years and now the eager anticipation I carried for Christmas has given way to a more earnest excitement about Easter. I think it actually happened when I was in 8th grade when my parents had us trek down to a farm for […]

Freedom in the Struggle

Send to Kindle There is a song on the radio these days called The Struggle (Tenth Avenue North). In an interview the lead singer said something that has been on my mind off and on for a few months now. He said, “We are free to struggle, but we are not struggling to be free.” […]

Where is your focus?

Send to Kindle I had a very bad week. Kids, Husband, house….If everything could go wrong. It did. And I was on the verge of crumbling. I Cried, had anxiety attacks. This wasn’t something I wasn’t use to. This was life. A weird Spiral of emotions and me feeling like I was falling down a […]

No Shore

Send to Kindle I’ve been stuck on Jonathan David Helser for a few months now. He and his wife lead worship, and they own a sunny patch of land in North Caroline where every summer they host a ministry school called The Eighteen Inch Journey. I have the privilege of knowing someone who went to […]

Love the Law

Send to Kindle Lately I have been challenged to read through the book of Psalms. I am taking on one a day and letting a verse jump out at me. I am also trying to summarize the chapter into a few sentences. Sometimes when you are in between  Bible Studies or our daily devotion just […]

Count it all Joy.

Send to Kindle I wanted to share my “life Verse” with you today. I call it my life verse, right now because I literally have to say it to myself over and over sometimes to let the word, sink in! Giving me that peace that only God can give! I am sure Many of you […]

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