When Motherhood Feels Too Hard

Maybe it was postpartum after my ninth baby; or maybe it was post-tornado trauma; or maybe it was the reality that I was trying to mother in my own strength. Whatever it was, and likely it was a combination of them all, I remember feeling that even my strength to pray was fading and I […]

Friendship is one of God’s Greatest Gifts

It is funny how life works sometimes. This past month of thankfulness has brought an awful test for me. I have been battling some serious moodiness. I hesitate to call it depression because overall my attitude was good, but all of a sudden on any given day, my joy would be stolen and I would […]

Christian Book Review: Cleaning House

Title:  Cleaning House: A Mom’s Twelve-Month Experiment to Rid Her Home of Youth Entitlement Author:  Kay Wills Wyma Published: 2012 My Rating:  5 out of 5 stars Overview: A  mom, desperate to rid her family of the sense of entitlement, embarks on a 12-month experiment to not only teach her children how to embrace responsibility, […]

Ditch the Daughter Drama this Summer

The heat and the super-long days of summer can sometimes smolder into a season of friction and tension for moms and their adolescent daughters. Fights about messy rooms, skimpy clothing or too much texting seem to go on and on. But what if this summer could be different? What if there was a way to […]

Lord Teach Me to Be a Mother

When I was growing up I had this image of what a mother should be and I was going to be that mom. When I got pregnant with my oldest daughter I changed a lot about my life at the time (I was a teen mom) and I was determined to be the mother I […]

I Want to Be THAT Mom…

I want to be the mom who is really creative and can come up with a craft out of a piece of string, a doily, and paint. I want to be the mom who plants a garden and eats homemade all organic food all the time. I want to be the mom who enjoys playing […]

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