Quick Bookmarks with a Big Impression

Tonight was my first experience going to a book club.  I should have made it a priority to attend when I was first invited, because I had a blast! I am so excited to start attending on a regular basis.  That being said, as much as I love technology, I really do enjoy an old-school […]

Toddler Color Carnival Game

Lately, I have been on a mission to find fun ways to teach and engage my two year old toddler in learning her colors.  I’m feeling the pressure in a way as Mother’s Day Out ends next week for Summer break to shake up our play time at home and incorporate more learning time. I […]

“Back and Forth”: A Game About The Ascension

“Back and Forth”: A Game About The Ascension This fun game will teach children about the Ascension–as well as patience we need to wait for Jesus’ glorious return! Materials: • One bowl per student • Petroleum Jelly • One bag of cotton balls Object: Students will first have to race to catch their partner’s cotton […]

Jello Easter Eggs

Since my daughter can’t (or shouldn’t) have chocolate eggs or chocolate rabbits, I decided to try an alternative. I made these awesome Easter Eggs out of Jello! What You Need: 2 Large Eggs- {the Jell-O mix I used could make up to five or six but I used two and used the rest for another […]

Make a Cross from Palm Branches

Make a Cross from Palm Branches This Easter craft is a nice way to use your Easter Sunday palms. The palms laid before Jesus as he entered Jerusalem became a symbol of hope, and the cross of Christ became the ultimate symbol of hope. In the craft, the palm branch becomes a cross. Material • […]

Switch It Up: A Fun Game About Being Observant

Switch it Up: A Fun Game About Being Observant Click To Tweet Switch It Up: A Fun Game About Being Observant This game will help students understand that light will always follow darkness, like Daylight Savings follows a dark winter. Materials None Object Students must guess what their partner changed about his/her appearance. Introduction Daylight […]

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