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Below is a list of blogs written by Christian Stay at Home Moms, and Christian Work at Home Moms!

Premium Mom Blogs

Devotions for Moms
Online devotionals for moms.

Encourage Your Spouse
Did you know there are 5 ways to encourage your spouse? I’m researching, and interviewing couples on how encouragement impacts a marriage. is where I blog about what I’ve learned. Drop on by to learn how adding a little encouragement might make a difference to your marriage!

Faithful Journey
Welcome to Faithful Journey, a journey of my life as a wife, mother and most importantly a child of God. You can follow my journey through homeschooling, cooking, DIY projects, penny pinching, loving my husband and my children, and pretty much anything that is placed on my heart.

Granite State Savers
As my family, starts home schooling our children, we try to save money the old fashion way, spending less, whether this is grabbing free credits, coupons or freebies. It is one step at a time, which allows me to home school my boys.

God’s Most Precious
A glimpse of my life with God’s most precious.

The LadyBird Cafe
Life is as crazy as we make it- join me in my adventure to simplify the chaos! Praying, laughing, venting, baking, and writing, it’s all right here! “Be strong and courageous. Do not fear and do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

Just an ambitious mom striving to juggle motherhood, faith, fitness and four fantastic kids! I strive to share the wonderful lessons God is teaching me through our kids as I tackle daily adventures.

Mission Possible Blog – Unequally Yoked Marriage
A resource for women in a spiritually mismatched marriage

The Printable Homeschool Planner
Homeschool forms, resources, and more!

Recipes for Our Daily Bread
I started this recipes blog to encourage families and friends to cook together, eat around the table together, and to share the Word of God together. The recipes have large step by step photos. I am using the blog to write encouraging stories about growing up with an alcoholic mom, having a gun put to my head at age 16, having a son who has had 17 brain surgeries, cerebral palsy & seizures, adopting 2 children, teaching our children to trust God, and many more stories. I am reviewing our families favorite places to visit, restaurants, movies, Christian Fiction and much more. While you are on the blog, please leave a comment. If you enjoy reading the posts, you can sign up to receive e-mail notifications when new post are added.

The More Important Things
I am a Christian SAHM who wants more than anything for my children to know Christ. I have 3 daughters, Four and under and am beginning the home school adventure. My hope is to encourage others to live a more Christ filled life while sharing about every day experiences, trials, joys and disappointments.

Jody’s Book Reviews and Giveaways
Jody’s book reviews, giveaways, and tours.

Other Mom Blogs

1 Homeschool
I’m a homeschooling SAHM, with 2 Children.

1 Size Doesn’t Fit All
(mis) adventures of a stay at home mom, blogger, cook, woman who doesn’t fint into the mold and the family that is stuck with her.

3 Guys and a Girl
Just a blog about my life being a wife, mom of 2 boys, and and a Christian woman!

5 Little Monekys
My ramblings about being a homeschooling mom to four boys and one girl. Special needs abound! Trying to see the blessings from God each and every day.

A Country Mom
I’m Nancy, Born Again Wife and Mother to five gifts from God. This is my journal of my family.

A Damsel No Longer in Distress
Because Jesus is my hero.

A Godly Homemaker
I believe wholeheartedly that a woman’s place is in the home and I want this blog to represent that. I want to show how a woman’s life is fulfilling by being a keeper at home, as God intended.

A King’s Kid
How to apply God’s word in your child’s life!

A Military Family Blog
Wife of one Air Force man. Mother of three well-traveled children. Just another woman of this world saved by His Grace until His Kingdom comes. Welcome to my journey!

A Mom’s Life Speaks
A missionary mom shares her reflections on what she has learned from life and about motherhood.

A Mother’s Love Comes with a Price
I am a christian stay at home mom and I feel that God is giving me messages that need to be shared with fellow women. May God bless you.

A Stay-at-Home Mom’s Frugal Finds and Reviews
I am a Christian SAHM who wants to help others learn how to live on less and share any ideas I have on how to save money. I also do some reviews on new products for other companies and websites and hope to share what I find with each product.

Above & Beyond
I have 11 children, 2 grandchildren and 1 great husband. I homeschool and write about womanhood, motherhood and life above and beyond what we imagined or dreamed.

Adoption DIY
Following God’s command to take care of the orphan, adoptive parents are helping prospective parents navigate international adoption waters with tips and advice.

Adventures with Three
Sharing my life one adventure at a time with three amazing children. Blessed beyond measure and walking one step at a time with Him.

At Least we can Laugh About it Now…
Just learning to live in grace and hoping to encourage others along the way.

The Attic Girl
Ramblings of Christian Fiction & Christian Chick Lit Fan!

Beck’s Blog
The random musings of a woman who loves Jesus with all her heart. Loves her family like crazy and joyfully embraces her life as a wife and stay at home (and homeschooling) mom!

Beauty in the Storm
Sharing what God lays on my heart as a mom and woman of faith as well as seeking to always find those lessons and truths (and beauty) in the storms that life throws my way…

Bentley Boutique
A blog for all things crafty! Free craft instruction, patterns, templates, & downloads.

Bethani Dearborn
The daily story of my weight loss journey to the new, smaller me.

Bible Babies
Mom of 4 sharing ideas, activities and devotional thoughts related to raising Christian children. A great resource for parents!

Blissfully Chaotic
Finding the bliss in chaos – one post at a time.

Chocolate, Knitter, Mom…Yup, that’s Me!

Christian Clippers
Spending God’s money wisely.

Confessions of an Organized Homeschool Mom
Homeschool organization tips from a professional editor, writer & speaker with years of homeschooling experience.

Couponomic Stimulus Package
Encouraging you in your frugal journey. A cheerleader all along the way, showing you tips on how to save money and giving great advice!

Crafty Mom of 4 Boys
I am a Christian, SAHM of 4 boys and wife to 1. I love to craft.

Crazy Days… Sleepless Nights
Lots of love, laughter and learning on my families blog. Homeschooling, Christian life and even a little political view thrown in for the fun of it.

Dates, Diapers & Deity

A fairly newlywed (3 yrs) and first time mom blogging about trying to figure it all out and working really hard at being a godly wife and mom.

Daughters by Design
Got girls? I do! This blog is designed for them! Devos for daughters!

The Deal Mom

The Delirious Mommy
If the kids are alive and the house hasn’t burned down . . . it’s been a good day.

Devotions for Moms
Online Devotionals for Christian Moms

Discovering Jubilee
I’m Julie, a stay at home mom to Xander and Graham. These are my musings and ramblings about life and the journey to discover God’s jubilee and rest here on earth. Come join me as I rejoice in His goodness, reflect on the lessons taught through living, and seek to cling wholeheartedly to Jesus whatever he may bring my way.

Domestic Cents
Using time and money sensibly to enrich the quality of life for my family.

The Edwards Family Blog
A blog about my family and raising my two girls.

The Efficient Parent
The Efficient Parent is a fun blog based on the concept of nurturing, teaching and protecting our children.

Elizabeth’s Journey

The name Elizabeth’s Journey comes from a generation of Elizabeth’s who have shared their journey with me and have left a legacy behind. My middle name is Elizabeth, I dare to share my spiritual journey in the hope that it will be an encouragement to others but mostly as a journal/self portrait to show my daughter’s someday. I am a follower of Christ,a wife,mother,sister,auntie and friend. Please join me in the journey.

Embracing Him
Embracing Him is a place where where my family and I embrace God and give Him glory throughout all seasons our lives. Stop by to enjoy recipes on Taste Tested Tuesday, Monday Motivation, a weekly devotional, a sprinkling of stories, and household tips as well.

Everyday Christian Mom
Through my blog I share biblical insights that can be found through the trials, occurrences, and funny situations that are part of being an Everyday Christian Mom.

Faithful Grannies – Christian Parents
Christian Working From Home Moms ,Parents and Grandparents. Bringing generations together for spiritual growth and inspiration to make a positive difference while balancing the work at home experience.

Family Forever
My blog is an everyday look into my life as a mother, wife, daughter and proud Christian. It’s fun, light, full of surprises, recipes, treasures and so much more.

Family of 6
Join Staci as she blogs about how her family of six lives on 26k/year!!

Finding Favor with God
I am a Christan mother who works both inside and outside the home. My blog is for married and single women/mothers who desire to follow God in their lives and have a place of love and support just for them.

The Forever Neighbor
I am a Christian homeschooling mommma of two, and a military wife to a soldier. I discuss homeschooling, homemaking tips, menus, and anything else God puts on my heart! Blessings!

From the Trenches of Motherhood
I’m the wife of a pastor and stay at home mom of 3. Visit me for daily debriefings full of humor, good thoughts, Biblical perspective, and things that I enjoy!

Frugal Catholic Mommy
Catholic Mom on a mission to live well on a tiny budget and help others do the same–Frugal recipes, Coupons, giveaways, and tips.

Frugal Housewife
Stay at home with 3 kids-2 in Private school, try to help people find ways to save money, recipes, tips, reviews, and lots more.

Frugal So Cal Mom
Living on Less in Order to Bless

Fun Frugal Mommy
Making learning fun without breaking the bank!

Garrett Family Time
Stay home mom. Is it easy or hard? To work, or not to work? What am I really? Mom, cook, teacher, nurse, taxi driver, coach, referee… that’s just a few…

Get Groceries Free

Free groceries are just a coupon away!

God Speaks Today

Want to hear the voice of God more clearly? This blog discusses all aspects of discerning God’s voice, in a Biblically sound, practical and often humorous way. On Fridays we take a break and talk fitness and nutrition.

Granny’s Perspective
Caring and sharing.

Happy Harper Stories
A blog like me – still in the making. Kid’s book reviews, praying for children, Christ in me, and hopefully devotional thoughts from time to time.

Having a Hallelujah Good Time
The life and happenings of a family of five children, homeschooling and living naturally and abundantly on little money. Lots of humor, praise to Him and a few reviews.

Health Begins with Mom
My vision is to help moms who want to create health for their children and their family… moms who have the desire to make a healthy difference but just don’t know where to start. My blog is a frequent dosage of knowledge, recipes, inspiration and encouragement.

Heart of the Home
As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings: Deuteronomy 32:11

Heaven in our Homes
Encouraging Christian wives, mothers, and women as we learn to walk in the roles God has given us!

Home Grown Mommy

I’m a stay at home mother of two who chronicles all things that happen in life at home with kids.

The Homemakers’ Library
A blog for women/mothers who need tips and encouragement on managing their home and faith life. Its an “everything encouragement” site. Come if you need… come if you can share. :)

Homeschool Cafe
*Homeschool mom of 12 years *Sharing information with other homeschoolers *Helping those who are considering homeschooling

Homeschooler Cafe
*Homeschool mom of 12 years **Grab a coffee, grab a link – get connected!

Homeschooling Their Hearts for…Life
I’m a Christian homeschooling mom of 3 who blogs about our eclectic school and our never dull life at home.

Homeschooling for His Glory

Homeschooling for the Real World
Teach your child the skills they need for the real world, more than just the three R’s.

Homeward Bound
*Be encouraged! *Help others! *Know God more!

I Don’t Have to be Supermom, But the Flying Would Come in Handy
This “Assorted Fruit” type blog is a blend of money saving tips, mom tips, health & wellness tips and my experiences/opinions. You’ll never know what I’ll have posted next.

In Their Own Time
Our life with three children…each in their own phase of childhood.

Inside the Life of a Pastor’s Family

Join our family as we travel through life, death, adoption, pastoring a small church, and just enjoying the life that Jesus gives us!

Inspirational Christian Stories, Poems, Gifts.
Original stories and poems to inspire Christians and inspirational Christian gift ideas. I am a Christian stay at home Mom of one beautiful, adpted boy. God’s greatest gifts to me were his son and mine!

Janette’s Sage
Welcome to my feeble attempt at blogging my journey with the Lord and the different seasons of my walk on this earth. I hope everyone word on this blog will be a drink of fresh water, as well as bring glory to the one who quenches our thirst. Proverbs. 11:25


Jodi’s Journey
I am a mom of two and a Nana to 11 grand babies. But I consider myself a sahm and a sahn, lol! Jodi’s Journey includes anything from my love and joy of being a HIP Nana to three beautiful grand babies, to recipes, humor and animals, it looks like pretty much anything I feel like writing about!

A Joyful Mother
I am a grateful mother of five precious children ages 2 – 11 years. I hunger to raise my little garden flowers for their King Jesus, trusting Him to equip them to be solid seed sowers for His Glory. My passion is for my worship leading husband of 20 years, Bill, my five awesome kids, our church: The River, Dayspring Christian Academy, and the country of Rwanda!

Just My Cup of “T”
Just a place to talk about the crazy, funny, bizarre, and sweet things that come with being a mom (of four in five years). Sometimes, I may even get to share my “a-ha” moments!

“How can I be more like the woman in Proverbs 31?” She is a hard worker, wise, strong, dignified, resourceful, loving & confident. Most importantly, she loves the Lord. I am a far cry from that woman, but I’m working towards it. I am inspired by women like my mom and my friend Laurel, who hardly bat an eye at the idea of serving another person, whether it’s offering to clean their bathrooms or stain their porch. I am a wife to a wonderful stud named Eric and a mother to a cute little boy named Micah. He was born April 6, 2009 and he is so funny!

Lessons in the Little Stuff
Christian SAHM to 4, married to my best friend for 13 years…blogging about lessons learned from everyday, ordinary life. Topics include Christianity, Parenting, Marriage, Frugal Living and Couponing.

Letters to the Little Ones
I post real life, not what I would like life to be. The struggles and the joys that come with being a SAHM of four little ones.

Life Glimpsed
I’m a stay at home mom in love with Jesus, my husband, our one year old and our two four-legged creatures who became dogs one year ago today. My blog is a written journey of my life. It’s a transparent view to my heart.

Life in the Jolys

A blog about my life, my God and my inspirations!

Life on the Edge
A slice of life from a grandmother raising her grandkids, original writings and humorous accounts of life with small kids.

Life Simply Lived
Treasuring the precious moments in everyday things.

Life and Times of Mommy
I am a wIfe of 13 years, mom of 5 beautiful crazy kids, and a daughter of the King. I am also a daughter, sister, and friend. My blog is a walk through my crazy life (sometimes not so)daily! It’s fun, and funny, and sometimes thoughtful or stressed-a wonderful place to let it all out!


I am a pastor’s wife and a fairly new stay-at-home mom of two boys. The Bible tells us that God desires to teach us something every day (Isaiah 50:4). He seems to teach me lessons through the little things… I hope to chronicle these lessons in my blog and maybe even inspire someone else.

Live Oak Brady Bunch
A blog about the life and times of a blessed and blended family of seven!

Living and Learning
We spend our days playing, laughing, reading, exploring, doing necessary chores, and generally enjoying life in God’s amazing world. This blog is a forum for sharing some of what we live and learn in our relaxed, eclectic home school.

Living Graciously

Living in Lilliput
My blog is about my daily life serving the L-rd Yeshua and raising my 9 children.

Look to the Skye
Blogging has opened up a world for me to experience so much- friendship from readers, included. I love to share my love for photography, scrapbooking, family…and most importantly my faith.

Looking and Feeling Your Best at Every Age
Looking and Feeling Your Very Best

Looking for Things Unseen

I am a wife of 2 years and a brand new mother…this blog holds my reflections on caring for my family, our family journey through full-time ministry and our call to missions, as well as discussions of current family and child issues in society.

Magical Mouse Schoolhouse
Learn while you play & discover that Disney IS school at the Magical Mouse Schoolhouse,

Mama Buzz
We are two moms who got together with an idea, and now we operate a review panel of moms (accepting moms now), who review children’s products, including books, toys, games, movies, music, etc., especially Christian products.

Mama Needs Prayer
Hey, mamas! Are you tired, burnt out, broken, stressed, busy, frustrated, confused? Join me in prayer as I attempt to surrender each day to Him. “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”- Matthew 11:28

Married Single Moms
If you are a married mom who sometimes feels like she’s living the live of a single mom come find hope, fun and friends at this blog. With frequent give-aways, surveys and regular blog posts, you are sure to find a place of hope here. I’m also a Stay At Home, homeschooling mom of four.

Me and Mommy Boutique
I own an online maternity and baby boutique and am a mother of two precious little girls; 3yrs old and 1yr old. I am also married to the best middle school coach in the world.

Meadow Musings
An Air Force family’s homeschooling journey, using Charlotte Mason’s education philosophy.

Mean Mommy Academy

My mission is to find humor in everyday-life. To be able to take moments that drive us crazy and turn them into laughter. To create a place where all “mean mommies” can relate.

Melissa’s Merry Mayhem
I’m a SAHM to 3 beautiful children. My family has been through our share of trials, but God has remained faithful and good, and I’m excited to share what he has done in my life, mixed in with a lot of the funny, cute and even sad stuff of being a mom.

Minding Our Manners

Mississippi Mama
Mom of 7 who loves coupons, grocery shopping, crafts, homeschooling, sewing, holiday decorating, reading, etc…

Moms By Heart
I share my life: the ups…the downs, and everything I learn along the way. If you’re new to couponing, stop by for some great money saving tips!

Mom’s Happy Handful
I’m a SAHM to six children ages 0-18. My husband travels quite a bit so I’m grossly outnumbered most days. It’s so hard and so frustrating and so wonderful all at the same time, I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, maybe a few things…

To inspire a Proverbs 31 living in moms with young children.

Mom Maven
Mom Maven reviews products and services geared to families. Mom Maven links to other great family sites. Mom Maven shares ideas and information to help you be the best mom you can be.

Mom Stories
Two Christian novelist moms on an adventure in the publishing world. Visit our blog for encouragement, inspiration, and some laughs.

The Mommy Journey
Online Journey of a Stay At Home Mom

The Mommy Machine
Observations from a mother of four, living a busy but uncomplicated life in Alaska.

Mommy Mayonnaise
A Christian mom with a loving husband and lovable daughter.

Mommy Stays Home
Helping mothers make the transition from work to home. Learn how to coupon, budget, work at home jobs, and current deals. Or just stop by for some encouragement.

The Mommy Trade
We are a place for women to find great shopping deals, share tips and tricks to the trade of our trade and offer support to our readers and fellow bloggers. We have regular features that include: coupon match ups for Southern California grocery stores, Tutorials for handmade crafts on a budget, Tricks of the Trade and more.

Welcome to Momprovement! Our goal here is to make the world a better place, one mom at a time! To do this, Momprovement will give moms the insight, inspiration, information and tools they need to better themselves and our world, all for the glory of God!

Mom’s Best Bets

Aloha, As a Christian healthy living mom, I strive to find what is best for mommy and child in products, recipes, food, vitamins, and fashion!

I am a mom of two and I love blogging about well, everything.

Moms the Word
I am a Christian and a SAHM. I blog about homemaking, organization, frugality, homeschooling, parenting, marriage, seeking to be a Godly woman and whatever else the Lord is teaching me on my journey.

Monkeys on the Bed
I am a new mom to a baby girl. We like to say that God blessed her with a joyful heart because she is always smiling and laughing! Join our adventures as we practice frugality (cloth diapers! Tutorial Tuesdays!) and praising God (Word of God Wednesdays!, Thankful Thursdays!).

More Lucy Than June
I’m the wife of a Worship Pastor at a new church plant and SAHM mommy to three little ones sharing stories about our day to day (to day) journey. I will never be June Cleaver, but I can dance through life with the clumsiness of Lucy Ricardo. I am More Lucy Than June.

More Than Words

Motherly Love
My life as Christian Homemaker – my interests, thoughts, recipes, devotionals, organizing and homemaking tips.

Motivated WAHM
Motivation and Audio Learning for the Work at Home Mom on the GO!

Musings of the Monroe Family

Psalm 127:1 Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain.

Musings from a Stay At Home Mom
This blog is my place to share my life as a Christian stay at home, homeschooling wife and mom to 2 (soon to be 3!) children. I share everything from potty training to my pregnancy to the latest mess my kids made to my own personal struggles – all the while trying to draw closer to my Savior. Come check out my blog and let me know how I can pray for you today.

Muthering Heights
Mu blog is mostly the musings of one crazy stay at home mommy with awesome kids! I do occasional Green product reviews. :)

Mummy Deals
There’s a difference in living and living well.

Mr. Goo’s Blog
A Christian mom’s blog about her baby care products business inspired by her son’s need for natural skincare products. Helpful start-up tips for home mommies.

Mrs. Julies Place
Find art lessons,homeschool tips,and musings on life in general from a homeschool art teacher mom.

Mrs. Penny Pincher
Here to help you pinch your pennies, and find a good deal! In return, I ask that you pay it forward by helping others in need by donating some of your finds. Matthew 25:35-40

My Career at Home
I want to share my career at home with others who are searching for a way to have FREEDOM at home with their families.

My Chocolate Heart
My Chocolate Heart is my thoughts and praise for all God is doing in my life; conviction in living my Catholic faith; loving my family; and some yummy recipes from the Cookie Lady!

My God Given Mission Field
I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. I am a stay at home, homeschooling mom of 4. We are currently going through the adoption process in hopes that we can add more blessings to our quiver. I also have a small blog design business that I do as a hobby.

My Grown Up Christmas Wish
My journey to follow my one true wish of serving God with all my heart, and living the life that He has created for me.

My Highest Calling

A SAHM of 3 children, four years and under, I see motherhood as the highest calling I could ever have, and strive day to day to serve God by serving my home and family. Come share my every day joys, frustrations, opinions, and inspirations.

My Journey Through Infertility
A story about a woman’s journey through infertility.

My Life as a Wife, Mother and a Christian
This is just a blog of my everyday life and being a mom a wife and a Christian.

My Life Verse
Life Verses for Christian women. Read inspirational stories about life verses, build friendships with Christian women and spend time in the word. Find Christian Jewelry and Giveaways.

My Mommy Time Online
My Interest. My Opinions … A little bit of this and that. Giveaways, Recipes, Going Green Tips and so much more!

My Name’s Not “Mom”
My blog, My Name’s Not “Mom”, is about parenting, everyday life, and more, because sometimes a mom just has to be herself.

My Thought Exactly Handmade Gifts

Take a peek inside my world as a wife, stay at home mom and artist. I create custom, personalized and handmade gifts.

My Three Wisemans
I am a stay at home mom with three boys, and I have been married to my high school sweetheart since 1997. I love my family, I love to cook, I love to take pictures, I love to blog and do reviews and above all I love the Lord. My goal is to live by this scripture… ‘Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.’ Matthew 5:16

My Tiny Universe

Natural Health Educator
I am a full time Mom to Declan (2 1/2) and Niela (8 months). I love to write, I love talking about natural health and I love being at home with my kids. I blog so I can do everything I love at the same time. I am the Baby Church director at Dayspring Church and lead a group for mothers with young children. I teach a natural health class with a focus on families, at my local family YMCA.

Nic Tom Sam’s Mom

My Thoughts, Ideas and Helpful Hints.

Nobody Puts Mama in the Corner
Mama has talent! Mama can drive, write, dance, paint, cook, clean, run, knit, cheer, sew, climb trees, and much more! Follow along as these perky mamas show the world how it is done!

Nocturnal Queen
The life, dreams and opinions of a SAHM.

Nuts in a Nutshell
I am a mom of 2 little boys, one of which is special needs. And a wife to a wonderful college student. We live in a “nutshell” but like to look on the brightside of everything! We started this blog to laugh at life all that it throws at us one day at a time.

O’Joy of My Life

Oatmeal Kisses
This blog is my journey of being a christian wife, of motherhood and homeschooling–full of oatmeal kisses, tree climbing adventures and precious memories being made everyday.

Olah Momma

On the Old Path
This a blog about Faith, Family, Homeschooling and the ups and downs of life. My hope is to be a place of encouragement but at times it may just be the ramblings of a Momma making it through another day. Blessings!

One House Schoolroom

One Single Minute

I have been married to the most amazing man in the world for over 25 years. We are the parents of 2 great teenagers..a daughter, 18 and a son,16. I’ve been a SAHM for almost 17 years and we are in our 11th year of homeschooling. I love to blog about the things that my Father is doing in my life and hopefully encouraging others with that. I also love to blog about being frugal and being a better steward with what God has blessed us with. My passion, though, is focusing on being a more submissive wife and a more biblical mom.

160 Acre Wood
Whatever you do, do it all for the Glory of God.

OrganizedMama’s Blog
I am a CSAHM and I love my children and I love my life. Faith is my life and it directs me.

Our Family Ramblings

SAHM striving to make our world a better place through laughter, frugality, spirituality, and good health!!

Our Hospitality
Sharing our home with others from around the world.

Our Journey
I am a CSAHM to 3 year old twins. I am also a widow who has experienced the grace of God daily! My blog is the story of our journey in following God through the ups and downs of life and grief.

Peaceful Island Mother
I look forward to meeting other Christian stay at home moms through my blog. What a blessing.

The Pepperling’s Family Tree

A blog about our life, according to me, along with tips and tutorials about things that I have learned while crafting, sewing, cooking and baking for our family.

Perfectly Imperfect
Perfectly Imperfect is the name of my blog, but right now I’m wishing the name started with an “a” :) I’m a missionary wife/mom-of-many. Join me on my spiritual journey.

Pink & Posh
A WAHM’s reviews of other WAHM products. The place for all posh mommies to find the perfect gift! 100% honest reviews, promotions and giveaways!

A Play of Light
Words of encouragement for moms as well as updates from my life and work from home.

Pleasing to You
The heart-longing of a woman who loves Jesus and wants to live a life that is pleasing to Him at all times.

Practice Safe Scents
Scentsy is simply a safer alternative to traditional scented candles. Are you at your wicks end? Feeling burned out? With Scentsy you never get burned out ’cause all we do is warm you up!

Prayer is Always Free
An early-20′s wife married to her Prince Charming, new mother to their first angel who has Down syndrome, and zookeeper to their 3 cats. From marriage to (new) motherhood, and Christiandom to crafting… and always finding those little moments to pray.

Prayerfully Penned
This Biblically-based blog of devotionals and articles traces my incredible journey from elementary school principal to stay-at-home wife and mom, speaker and writer. It is my mission to encourage others to a BRIGHTER WALK with the Lord Jesus Christ!

Preparing for our Children’s Future
Our children are the future so we believe in teaching them (at home), about our countries and the worlds history so that they are better prepared for whatever their future may hold. They are our future leaders, teachers, mothers, fathers, judges, lawers, ministers, doctors! May God Bless their futures!

The Queen Mommy’s Cafe

I’m a Christian wife & Work at Home mom of 2 girls – pursuing a life that pleases the Lord. I struggle. I fall. I find grace. I am drawn closer to Him. For me, It is a life of challenges and chaos, of great rewards and unbelievable grace.

Raise Them Up
I am a Christian SAHM to three young boys. I write about frugal finds, family funnies (there are lots!), and products we use. I also throw in some easy recipes, fun projects and devotionals. . . all with the goal of strengthening our families. I’d love to have you stop by and visit!

Raising a Quiver Full
Journey of a non-borth control Christian family.

Raising Creative Children

I’m Lorelei Sieja, and I’m a preschool teacher from Michigan, Wisconsin. I built this site to help and encourage parents of toddler and preschool aged children in any way that I can, through publishing relevant articles, daily lesson plans, weekly menus and more. Stop by, check out the articles, and don’t forget to leave a comment! I value your input. Thanks!

Raising Memories
My blog is a record of the activities I’m doing at home, in an effort to motivate myself to do more, and to share ideas with other moms.

Raising Three Sons – Not a Bow in Sight!
I’m a mom of three boys- all under the age of six. I quit my job last year to be a “stay at home mom”. Little did I know what adventures lay ahead…

Reading the Bible in a Year
This is a place where I post daily reflections after my husband and I read from the Bible each night. I have a Master’s degree in theology and figured this is a great way to use it while I stay home!

Real Heart Prints
Variety of topics relevant to a Christian woman, both fun and serious.

Red Writing
Red Writingis a blog about the day to day of being a mom, wife, and child of God. I love to cook, craft, decorate and be silly. Hope you’ll join me!

Reflections from a Christian Mommy Writer
Welcome to the adventures of a Christian, stay at home mommy. I have a wonderful husband and an energetic toddler. We are a military family and are thankful for the diverse experiences that we have had thus far.

Relaxed Homeschooling
Great tips for homeschooling without pulling your hair out!

Blogging about life as a mom of five children and searching for God.

Ripening on the Vine

River Rock Cottage
Musings from the River Rock Cottage on items of interest for moms. Topics include: Home Keeping, Kitchen Comforts, Recipes, Simple Living, Homeschooling, Book Reviews, and more!

Roscommon Acres
Striving to live life more abundantly through homeschooling, homesteading and home economizing.

SAHMommy Blog

Sandy’s Place
My little journal of thoughts and reflections of day to day life one post at a time!

Sarah’s Daughter
Striving to become a godly woman, wife, mother and homemaker.

Saved M.O.M (Mom on a Mission)

Words of encouragement and inspiration for M.O.M’s near and far.

The Saved PC
It’s a dangerous world for internet-surfing PC’s and The Saved PC is here to help keep your PC clean and malware-free. With software reviews, virus definitions, and up-to-date ways to keep your computer safe, The Saved PC will be your one stop shop to a happy, healthy computer.

Saving Cents with Sense
Using good sense to save our family, and yours, cents! Stop by for ways to save money through couponing and best practices.

Saving Toward a Better Life
This blog is documenting my journey to shop a little better and save a little more. Please come journey with me!

Scents to Success
Latanya shares her success principles, thoughts and challenges of working from home while being a wife, mom, and teacher to her three very busy children! Come stay a while as she shares her heart.

This blog is dedicated to a new journey. Here, I will share newly discovered passions, my ever growing relationship with Christ and my love of H’schooling.

Sew Blessed with Three
My wacky days with nutty kids, a crazy husband, & one big kooky family. What could be better?

Share the 31 Secret

One woman’s thoughts on how to live in today’s world as a Proverbs 31 woman. Check back daily to see how you can live, love, give, and save.

Sharing the Pages of Life
Hi, I am Steph. I love my family and continually am seeking wisdom on being a better mama, wife, daughter, sister, daughter-in-law,sister-in-law, mentor, friend. Can anyone relate? Come share life with me!

Simply a Mom
Ramblings of a mom trying to be what God desires and her kids need.

Ramblings of a mom trying to be what God desires and her kids need.

Sincerely Me
A blog about me, my life, my interests.

Shake the Salt
Product reviews and giveaways for moms!

Sheltered Not Shattered
I’m a christain homeschooling mom who blogs to share the little things in life.

Sherri C. Walker

Shileen Nixon
A sauntering of thoughts, news, ideas, and reviews on health, fitness, weight loss, beauty, emotional health, and anything else that might affect the condition of one’s body including the law of attraction, love, joy, peace, and loving God.

Simply Stork
I am simple, I love the Lord, I love my husband and I love my children… Everything else just falls into place.

Sinner Saved

I am a Christian, wife, mother and homemaker aiming to live up to the standards set out in Proverbs 31 and Titus 2. I breastfeed, use cloth nappies and practise elimination communication. I like to cook from scratch and am learning to cook “Nourishing Traditions” style. I aim to be a good steward both in terms of the resources God has given my family (frugality) and in terms of the resources God has given to everyone (“green” living). Above all I aim to glorify God and obey his will. My blog is about these things.

Smart Mommy
Outsmarting my kids one boy at a time.

Somewhere In the Middle
I am a forgiven sinner saved by God’s grace. It is my heart’s desire to serve my God and my family. I am a stay-at-home/homeschooling mom. My wonderful husband, Jimmy and I were married in 1995 and blessed in 2000 with a beautiful daughter, Grace Elizabeth.

Spiced to Thrill
A great place to find fantastic recipes, tips and tricks to make your time and cooking in the kitchen easier, faster and tastier. Also learn about Watkins products and business opportunity.

Stay at Home Mothers By Choice
This blog is for and about mothers who chose to stay at home to care for their children, and who have to face a lot of negative pressure from the modern society for this daring choice.

Steps for Michelle

About following Christ, marriage, motherhood, dealing with autism, figuring out the path before you, and whatever right-brain thoughts happen to pop in along the way. Just some thoughts…

Storing Up Treasures
Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. Matthew 6:19-20

Strengthening Families… Empowering Moms
Finding ways to strengthen the family, improve your home life & finances, while loving God and others.

Striving to be More
Hmmm, let’s see…I’m just a mom. And a wife. I love my family and do the best I can for them. My life is crazy and busy and stressful and fun and BLESSED!

Stockpiling Moms
Guide to frugal living.

Sunflowers at Home
Craft ideas, instructions, patterns and musings of a CSAHM.

Sunflower Faith
Sunflower Faith is about experiencing and pursuing a living faith and growing as a follower of Christ with discussions of scripture, devotionals, daily life and personal reflections.

Sunflower Schoolhouse
I am a Christian homeschooling mama of 5 young children.

Sunflower Seeds

If I’m going to be the ‘Salt of the Earth’ (Mt. 5:13) I may as well be a great tasting snack…one that shares the salty and sweet sides of life with four internationally adopted blessings. Our most recent addition is Maddie…a treasure from Ukraine. Join us for the all the chaos as we continue to chronicle Maddie’s adjustment into our clan and our transition into a family of six.

Sunflowers, Chocolate, and Little Boys
I am a Christian SAHM. I try to serve and glorify the Lord in everything I do. Most of the time I fall short. This is my blog about my life, my family and my faith.

Taking A Deep Breath
A wife, cancer survivor and mother to amazing children, including a baby with health problems. I’m learning as I go.

Tales of a Mommy Monster
I’m a mommy in NW Ohio. I like to cook, watch TV and movies, read, decorate cakes, and do crafts. I love to take care of my husband and sweet son. I wish I could garden and decorate. And play violin. These are my stories.

Tanya Dennis
Discovering the extraordinary God in ordinary life.

These Boys are My Joys

Homeschooling, Christian mama trying to add a little fru-fru to her male-filled home. Crafts, humor, photography, GFCF, canning, and other recipes.

Things that Matter the Most to Me
Notes to myself… A collection of things that matter most to me.

This & That
A little bit of this and a little bit of that from our home to yours.

The Thrifty Geek
Living life abundantly on a shoestring budget.

The Thrifty Home
Thrifty decorating, cooking, organizing, shopping, and more ideas and tips for your home.

A Three Strand Chord
Living life. Loving God.

Thrifty Southern Mama
I am a Christian, wife, and mama of two boys. Just to keep things interesting, I also work from home as a freelance writer. This blog is about everything from how I try to save money to how insane my kids can make me. Hopefully you will learn something new or at least get a laugh at my expense.

Time for Saving Money
Pratical tips and advice on how to save money.

To Save a Penny

Learning to live abundantly on less.

To The Moon and Back
In the blink of an eye, this will all be a memory.

Trusting God’s Heart
In May of 2007 I found out that my fourth child was destined to die from a condition called anencephaly. I was encouraged to terminate my pregnancy, to stop the heart of my little girl and say good-bye… instead my husband and I chose to stand in the midst of the storm and believe God for the miraculous…

Tupelo Deals
We help others save money by using coupons and finding good deals.

A blog by a SAHM about natural, healthy living, life and faith.

Under the Golden Apple Tree
My passion is seeking the Lord, teaching my children and connecting with other women in Christ for fellowship and encouragement. My goal is to pass on the message of Christ.

The View from Five Foot Five

Violet’s College Fund

When a full-time income isn’t enough, I have ways to save, earn and spend wisely!

Virtuous Living
I am a young christian woman striving toward moral excellence. I married my best friend and we have two beautiful daughters. This is a blog about my life!

We 3 Liebs
A SAHM who strives to provide unique and exciting experiences for her family by saving money and living creatively.

Welcome to My Porch
A blog about my family and the things I love. I also share recipes, crafts and tips that work for me and my family.

Welcome to the Wonderfully Crazy World of the Stafford’s

A blog about ramblings and such in the life of a SAHM to one very active (overly active at times) 1 1/2 year old.

What a Trip!
I am a work-at-home mom of six including infant triplets. This blog chronicles my crazy and often humorous life as I attempt to balance family life, my faith and my writing career.

Wick and Tired Gold Canyon Candles
If you are curious about Gold Canyon Candles, or just love them like I do, please follow this blog for tips, tricks and specials!

Wild Flower Thinking
Seeking and sharing Truths about God–discovered wherever He plants them, confirmed in the Bible, His Word

Womanly Excellence

Thoughts on Christianity & Faith… Sentiments on becoming the Proverbs 31 woman… Precepts for being a godly wife… Tales of mommy-hood… Ideas on managing the home… Tips on saving money by coupon-ing… and more!


We teach women how to create wealth and healthier lives without compromise. We believe that profit and purpose done together benefit all. Listen to the WomanWize podcast at the site.

Women Encouraged
A “meeting place” for women to share, to grow and to live.

Women Living Well

Work at Home Adventures
Sharing the adventure of working at home with tips and techniques to help you do the same.

Work at Home Mom and Dad

This is a blog for moms, dads, and grandparents who have a homebased business or want to start a homebased business. Posts will focus on how to market your business both online and offline, easy recipes, family time management, and even homeschooling.

Yada Yada Yada Mayhem & Musings
I am loving my life as a Christain wife and mommy! My blog is intened to encourage and put a smile on my face and yours!

Zenful Creations
On my this blog, I talk about web design, web standards, and homeschooling.

Victory Over Sexual Abuse
Written by a survivor of sexual abuse and support group leader… The purpose of this blog is to provide hope and encouragement to survivors of sexual abuse and people who care about them.

Before the Dawn
I’m a Christian SAHM who loves to blog, take pictures, craft, enjoy nature, and spend time with my family.

A Spot of Faith
My desire through this blog is to encourage stay-at-home mothers and homeschooling mothers through the Word of the Lord and our own quirky experiences…

A Cup of Blessing
I am an ordinary woman trying my utmost to walk in God’s ways and with His grace I hope to be a blessing to others by sharing His Word.

Come walk awhile in my flip-flops…
I’m an American wife and mother raising my kids on the Island of Jamaica I’m a Christian

Singing in the Rain
The thoughts of a Christian, conservative, military wife, about God, books, military life, and becoming a mom!

Lady of the House: Diary of a Homemaker
From love and romance, prayer and bible studies, to ministry with my hubby, beginning my journey to home school, cooking and cleaning ideas, working from home diaries and pictures of it all! This blog is intended to nurture my social needs by connecting with others who do the same, this is the diary of a homemaker or lady of the house, that is a Christian stay at home mom.

Educating My Children
Findings, discoveries, challenges, and achievements as I follow this scholastic journey with my two kids.

Joyful Java
Settle in to enjoy and cup of joe and the Word of God! A blog to encourage, challenge, refresh and renew based on the Word and grace of God.

Empy Real Book Corner
My website reviews children’s books from a Christian perspective and gives activities you can do with your child.

Overflowing with Blessing
Overflowing with Blessings perfectly describes how I feel. The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful man and 4 amazingly healthy boys. On many days, I feel like I am Overflowing with Blessings.

My Unique Gift Idea
A blog for people to share their great gift giving ideas and look for new ideas for that perfect gift for any occasion.

Candace Creations
Fun things to make and do for you and your family! Lots of tutorials, family fun and anything else of interest to mom!

The Dixon Dialogue
The Dixon Dialogue is a conversation about our everyday life – the good, the bad and the funny! I am a mom who envisioned herself a “career” woman who is now doing her best at being a SAHM and homemaker.

Ashley’s Art Closet
A Self-taught photographer, Artist, Aunt, Christian, Writer, Wife, Mother, Lover, Daughter, Sister, Cousin, Friend, Former dental assistant And most of all a cancer SURVIVOR-at the age of 23 I was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer, Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Carcinoma (FHC).

Captain Coupon
Captain Coupon is dedicated to finding the best deals, promotions, and freebies both in stores and online to it’s readers. Live a better life being frugal! Happy Saving!

Marine Corps Nomads
From reviews to gluten free recipes to homeschooling, you’ll find a little bit of everything as you glimpse into the daily life of a Christian, military, homeschooling family that’s living the gluten free lifestyle.

Thrifty Parsonage Living
I am a Christian, pastor’s wife and SAHM. I write about being thrifty and frugal in decorating your home, cost conscious shopping and great finds. I include tips along the way about organizing and shopping on a budget.

Purposefully Mom

Refelection Space

Homeschool Chick

Random chirpings of a newly hatched homeschool chick who does her best to stay perched in God’s branches along the way!

Dinner Table Musings
Weekly menus, simple yet savory recipes, and stories worth repeating – brought to you by a surviving pastors’ wife who is living large under God’s grace.

Homeschooling My Miracles

I am a Homeschooling Mom to three children we were blessed with through adoption. I blog about everyday life with three great kiddos.

To Do: Entertain Toddler
A blog about activities to do with your toddler as well as discussions about handling tough toddler situations.

Mommy on Fire
Hey, there – thanks for stopping by to chat. My name is Natalie and I am the mama of this little blog here. I am also the mama of three VERY young children, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a lover of Jesus, obsessive reader, lover of music, aspiring/wanting to really learn photographer, and an aspiring/want to learn foodie.

Faith’s Firm Foundation
I write to encourage and build up the faith of younger SAHM and Homeschoolers. Titus 2

Reviews & Reflections
My blog is called Reviews & Reflections because I post my reviews of various things, but I also like to use my blog as a place to reflect on life as we live it. You’ll find posts about our homeschooling journey, adoption, my part-time, at-home job with The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, our passion for Disney World, and my random thoughts on various things.

A Quiet Heart
A pastor’s wife, and homeschooling mommy of one. Striving for A Quiet Heart in a chaotic world. Please join me as I blog about God’s Word, Biblical Womanhood, Homemaking, Mommyhood, Homeschooling, Modesty, & Life in Ministry.

Because He Gave
Originally started to blog through our giving Christmas away in Dec 2009. Now ramblings about our homeschooling family of 6 as we strive to live all to the glory of God! Life, faith, recipes, encouragement, giveaways……

Goodbye, House! Hello, Home!
Makeovers of the heart and hearth. Inspiring, creative, thrifty and fresh ways to make your house into a home. Learning how to let Jesus be keeper & maker of our hearts & the “rooms” in it. Interior decorating is really His specialty!

Hope in the Daily Grind
A SAHM serving up brews of stories, laughter, and thoughts to keep you going through your day!

Being Made New
I’m home raising and homeschooling my daughters and operating a very small in-home daycare.

Creative Madness
CSAHM married to an Enginerd blogging about the creative madness that is my life.

Just a Little Thought
I once had a career teaching but now I am a stay at home who is getting back to the basics in her life. Most importantly, working on loving the Lord daily and writing about HIs daily blessings which includes my happy little family.

Super Mom In Disguise
A journey to find my inner powers. As a SAHM, Christian, mother of 2, I am working to become the best person I can be in home organization, Spirituality, learning Spanish, losing weight, getting fit, homeschooling, and much more. Please join me!

Ordinary Inspirations for the Everyday Wife, Mommy, and Homemaker!
I love to be home with my kids. It is a privilege, a blessing and a huge responsibility to train them up in the Lord. Praise God!

Soccer Mom in Giggletown
This is an update to the already posted blog Soccer Mom in Giggle Town. This blog is about living a simple life that is meaningful to God, my family, my friends and myself. Beginning 2010, I will be taking you on my journey of reading the Bible.

Ramblin’ Roads
I am a cherished wife, blessed mother of two, and an experienced home educator. I love to read, write, and occupy the passenger seat on road trips. Life is an adventure! Come ride along!

The Tuckers Take Tennessee
Giveaways, parenting, crafts, recipes, household tips, homeschooling, gardening, photography, blog tutorials, reviews, and more!

Like a Bubbling Brook
Nurturing family. Nourishing food. Practicing frugality.

Just a Minute

Jacob’s Nest

This blog is simply the heart ramblings of a stay at home mother of four, who woke up one day and realized that God, the Creator of the Universe, is still madly in love with me & has a purpose for my life! The writings are all about the journey of me- heart, body & home. Enjoy.

Homemade Wisdom
I am a homeschooling mother of two beautiful daughters, and wife to a hardworking man who is my best friend. Oh, and I love to write!

Nettie Heidmann
Homeschooling/ art-and-music-loving/ theatrically-inclined/ bread-baking/ weight-losing SAHM to 4 kids (and “church-mom” to around 20 more) and happy wife to my engineering/ home-school-administrating/ science-and-math-teaching/ neighborhood-kid-mentoring/ old-car-fixing/ part-time-rancher husband. Welcome to my whirlwind!

Wonder Woman Wannabe
I share about my efforts and refections trying to live up to the Prov 31 woman standard; (I refer to her as Wonder Woman!) and share what I learn in my search for the heroic as I muddle through the seemingly mundane – in all things. I blog to live out Heb. 10:24.

Real Life Mama
I’m a Christian stay-at-home mom trying to keep up with my 4 children. I want to share the simple joys of life, the not-so-simple struggles, recipes that my family loves, book and movie reviews, anything else that comes to mind in a days time.

Ramblings of a Christian Mom
My thoughts, prayers, and devotionals about life as a stay at home Christian wife and mom.

One Step Journeys
They say the journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step. This blog is about those single steps.

Our Family for His Glory
Be encouraged & enlightened by a new blog about our family of 5 young children- yes, 5- all ages 5 & under :) . Join our family as we journey through life… dirty diapers, loads of laundry & all…share in the joys & trials of living our lives & raising up children all for the glory of God. Whether it be through raising little ones, loving & respecting your spouse, taking care of your home, schooling children, or following hard after God, we pray you will be blessed to hear of our honest journey as we draw ever closer to our God.

Wholehearted Home
I believe home is where hearts are united, hands are joined, characters are formed, truth is spoken, values are established, care is given and love is served.

The KtKronicles
The KtKronicles A chronicle of my Life-Chaotic & all the fun that goes w/ it? My musings on what I find amusing while living w/ the self-titled ktbunch! My life is the adventure I make it….there are races to run, bikes to ride, trails to hike, muffins to mix, lessons to teach, skills to learn, creeks to cross, patterns to crochet & laughter to be had by ALL.

Covenant Blessings
We are a Reformed Baptist, homeschooling family with 8 children. If you’d like to know more, come on over for a visit!

Pockets and Pebbles
This blog was born out of a “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” moment. A group of mothers, and soon to be mothers, share their crafts and tips on how to keep life interesting.

Pursuing What is Excellent
At Pursuing What Is Excellent write about my walk with God, my marriage, parenting, friendship; write book reviews and just have fun!

My Life Song
A blog about my life as a Christian wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. And letting my daily Lifesong sing for God.

For Such a Time as This
Living Fully For Christ Today

A Quiet Heart
Encouraging women to have a heart that is passionately obedient to God’s Word, and joyfully content with what God gives. Truly, it is enough. All is grace.

Covenant Blessings
The life and times of a home school family of 10. We are a Reformed Baptist family living Georgia.

Surrender to Survive
Day by day – surviving home schooling and helping my kids to overcome the character flaws they inherited from me. I need more Jesus!

Dose of Faith
I try to share what has been important to me in my walk with God, things that I find inspiring and interesting!

Treasures from a Shoebox
I’m a saved believer of 13 years, married for 22+ years, homeschooling mom of 12 years, with 10 children. This blog is a journal of lessons, both practical and of eternal value, that the Lord is teaching me along the way.

Moms Mustard Seeds
I’m a child of God, Veteran, ex-ladder climbing Wife/Mom….who has found the joy and freedom of homeschooling! I update my blog fairly often with little nuggets about books, our day to day lives, little tid bits that have helped me or just general information!!!

Living Life with Laughter and God
Here is a blog I am starting as a first time stay at home mom.

Moms in the Midst
One moms journey to a more fulfilling life.

Stretching My Faith
My personal online journey through the bible.

A Day in the Life of the Brown Family
I’m a wife to my best friend and mommy to our baby girl. Follow us through our daily struggles and triumphs as a family trying to serve our Savior!

It’s Not All About Me
Becoming uncomfortable in the comfortable suburbs.

Everyday Edwards

I’m a stay at home mom with two beautiful children and the most wonderful husband ever! I spend each day wanting to know more about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and strive to live a life that is pleasing to him.

Keeper of the Home
I am a Christian stay-at-home mom and wife. This is my journey to becoming a Proverbs 31 woman.

Under the Golden Apple Tree
I’m a homeschooling mom to four reflections of God’s love and wife to the best man this side of Heaven.

Girls Get Real
A girls journey to find truth in God’s word as she gets real doing it.

Training Up Kaitlyn
I am the 29 year old wife of Jeremiah and mother of Kaitlyn Grace who was born on May 10, 2010. This blog will chronicle the joys and struggles of my journey as a stay-at-home mother, wife, and disciple of Jesus Christ.

Consider Him
Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God. For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds. Hebrews 12:2-3

A Beautiful Childhood
Since we are all children of God through faith in Jesus Christ, together let’s make it a Beautiful Childhood!

Little Kisses from God
As a pilgrim on the journey God has in store for me, I’m taking notice of those little kisses from God each day that He’s blessing me with. Soli Deo Gloria!

My Munchkin Farm
I am so blessed to be a stay at home mom. I have 3 beautiful kids and one more one the way. I have a wonderful husband who is a dairy farmer. I love to share about our life on the farm, about homeschooling, recipes, crafts, frugal tips, and much more!

Faithful Journey
My blog is about my faithful journey through this life I have been blessed to have.

The Clay Cottage
Christian single mom to 3 great boys – 2 teens and a baby, homeschooling, sorta crunchy, co-sleeping, breastfeeding, delayed vaccines, likes to cook, likes to read, loves to blog.

Cassie’s Photo Blog
Photo-journey of my life as a mother, wife and artist.

Places of my Heart
I am a mother of two great boys. One has spread his wings and flown from the nest, but the other one is still learning to flap. My husband and I are truly blessed with our gifts from the Lord. It is a joy to be able to stay at home at this season in my life.

Just Next Door
I am a child of God, wife to my wonderful husband, mom to four beautiful blessings, and now, a blogger. My blog, Just Next Door, contains posts about family, homeschooling, and the lessons I’m learning.

Guiding Light Homeschool
We are a homeschooling family who loves the Lord. This is our life…we also do reviews so check those out too!

Purposeful Homemaker
Not perfect just purposeful. One mom’s pursuit. My blog is about my life and journey with my husband and our 6 children.

A Fresh New Day
Enjoying the Homemaking Life at A Fresh New Day…I blog about homeschooling, tasty food, christian inspiration, good reading, raising children, crafts, and a potpourri of other topics. Come and visit!

SON up till SON down
Crafting, cloth diapering, sewing, cooking, and loving my boys (3 under 3). Life is great, God is greater!

Sweet Diva
I am a follower of Christ, a daughter, a wife, a mom, a homeschooler, a personal chef, a friend, a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker (ok…..only done this a few times…), a little bit shy, a little bit crazy, a little bit sweet, a little bit sassy; a little bit sugar, and a little bit spice…… I am all these things all rolled up into one, and that’s ok…..because I know that all these things can work together for good for the One who made me (see Romans 8:28). I am a work in progress and so thankful that He’s not finished with me yet!

Servant, Wife, Mother
I am just your average Christian stay at home mom: I love Jesus Christ and desire to put Him first in my life. I am married to a wonderful man named Paul, and am partnering with him to raise four beautiful children. I love spending time outdoors and seeing Gods creation all around me! I enjoy reading and writing and I blog about whatever is going through my mind or life on any given day. I love to encourage others in the Lord, and would be delighted to have you visit my blog!

Faith, Family and Fun
I’m a mom and stepmom of six. I blog about our daily life…about green and organic living…homeschooling, enjoying my kids….and being a beloved daughter of God!

Some Girl’s Website
Spurring one another on toward love and good deeds… laughing, connecting and provoking thoughts along the way.

The Path Before Me
I am a Stay at Home Mom to 3 boys. I love to read, craft and bake. I write about those things and my family life as well as some of my spiritual walk. Would love to have you visit!

And Whatever: The Schumann Family
A stay-at-home pastor’s wife with 2 little ones and ridiculous amount of hobbies.

Beloved MaMa
Just a girl from San Diego…Married to a boy from Kenya…Together, raising three boys (12, 10, 4)… and blogging about our life along the way. (Faith, Family, Fun) Come join the adventure!

Called to this Journey
About my life as a blessed wife for 13 yrs. Homeschooling mom of two girls. Sharing what I have learned along the way. Encourament for Marriage, Homeschooling, Homemaking Tips, Sign Language, Sewing, & the blessings of children.

The DiMartino Chronicles
Taking root downward and bearing fruit upward.

Inspired to Loveliness
The intentional life of a wife & mother inspired to *live lovely*.

Consider Him
For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds. Hebrews 12:3

Faith’s Mom’s Blog
I am a stay at home mom to my daughter Faith who is a beautiful little girl with special needs. I invite you to come along and share in my journey of Faith and faith.

A Joyful Mother
Mother of 5, missionary family to New Bern, NC. Homeschooling and serving the Lord by raising my little flowers for His glory!

Ben and Me
“Poetry and Hums aren’t things which you get, they’re things which get you.
And all you can do is go where they can find you.” ~Winnie the Pooh

On the Wings of Morning
I am a Christian stay at home, homeschooling mom of 5 girls. I have been married to the love of my life for 31 years. We have 9 children and 17 grandchildren.

Life in my Houseful of Boys
I’m a Scottish, stay at home mum of four boys. My blog is about the goings on in our house, living with eczema and food allergies, crafty projects, lots of recipes and my general musings.

Southern Expressions
I’m the mom of four, ages 20-5, and step-mom of one; married to the most fabulous man in the world; trying to navigate the crazy streets of motherhood and marriage, while maintaining the household (and my sanity). I balance life with a little bit of humor, love, and a whole lot of FAITH!

Musings of a Real Housewife
My journey as a Christian, Stay-at Home, Homeschooling, Frugalista Momma!

My blog details my daily struggle to live slow to anger and abounding in love. I have three children with one on the way, a loving husband and a forgiving Father.

Train Up the Child
Children are never too young to begin learning God’s Word. According to 1 Samuel 1:22-23, the first 5 years are to be spent in establishing God’s Word in the child. The young child may not comprehend what you are reading or saying, but God’s Word will minister to his spirit. God promises to bless wherever His Word is sent. (Isaiah 55:11) So let’s send the Word into the children that they might be blessed!

Diviney Family
God gave me the gift of music. this blog is mostly about my family and myself as a stay at home mom but also contains my songwriting and deepest thoughts. May it bless you as He has me!

Making a Goodly Heritage
I’m a SAHM and a preacher’s wife. I started my blog to encourage my friends and others through scripture and help myself be more diligent in my regular Bible Study.

The Cardamom’s Pod
I am a daughter of God, wife to my beloved, and homeschooling mother of 9 precious children. I blog about our life and adventures — homesteading, homeschooling, helpful tips, funny stories and more.

Family Sentinel
Stop by for inspiration from a stay at home mother of five litle ones, who is at Work in all forms of the word.

Cultured Mama
Cultured food, cultured thoughts, cultured life.

Comfort and Conversation
Finding Fulfillment in Home and Family. I am the mother to two active boys and awaiting the joys of homeschooling when they are old enough!

Homemade Comforts
I’m just a wife and mom trying to live up to Proverbs 31 while being crafty and frugal.

This Beautiful Mess
I am the wife of a wonderful man who happens to be a youth pastor and a mommy to three beautiful kiddos. Being a parent and being in ministry can all add up to an amount of craziness that is not for the faint of heart. It’s amazing, messy, and beautiful so I welcome you to this beautiful mess that is my life! Don’t trip over anything as you walk around :)

My Thankfull Heart
Catching a glimpse into the heart of a daughter of God, Wife, Mother, Friend, and Woman.

Confessions Of A Supermom…
I wanted to have a place where I could share mommy hood with other mama’s who like me, are home. Trying my best to raise my little ones to love God with all their heart, soul, & mind. I enjoy having fun when I write because most times it feels like I’m on a wild roller coaster. I have 4 beautiful daughters & I love and adore them. I’m so thankful God blessed me with them. Often times I see that He uses my children to teach me. I hope & pray that God uses this blog to minister to the hearts of others.

Just My Cup of T
Having kids makes it difficult to be the perfect mom….
This is a taste of what raising four kids (5.5 years apart) looks like. Sometimes funny, sometimes sweet. Sometimes, pull your hair out stick a spoon in your eye maddening. But through it all: school schedules, homeschooling, church, choir, sticky faces and hands… we just want to live our lives for Jesus.

My Heart’s Desire
It is My Heart’s Desire to share, and I blog about my adventures in homeschooling, caring for my disabled mother, and my walk with Christ. I have stumbled, but God has always been there for me. If I can give to others then I have shown my love for Him.

The Humbler Homemaker
Creating home on a modest budget. The Humble Homemaker offers inspiration, how to’s, recipes, and just a place to cozy up with a cup of coffee.

2011: The Walk
This is my blog for my everyday walk with God. I talk about my devotionals, services, and general life issues.

4 My Kiddos
My blog is a mix of my Christian walk, my children and family as well as day to day happenings of a working at home mom.

Love’s Unfolding Journey
Love’s Unfolding Journey is about my unfolding journey as a wife, mother and pastor’s wife. God’s love truly grows richer and deeper, unfolding day by day. I love making new friends and connecting with other moms who are in the trenches with me, stop by for a visit, I’d love to meet you!

My New Adventures with Four
Sharing my life one adventure at a time with four amazing children. Blessed beyond measure and walking one step at a time with Him.

Happy Christian Home
Happy Christian Home is devoted to providing “Biblical encouragement for the woman of the home…and some other useful stuff!”

Write at Home Mom
A blog for moms who love to write and wouldn’t mind selling some of their words in order to buy more crayons.

The Sloan Homeschool
A glimpse at our journey through life as we homeschool our five blessings. Church, sports, dance, and other activities add to our crazy life.

Home Career Network
The Home Career Network Was Built to Help Women from any kind of Background build an Expand on Their Home Career and To Help Motivate and Inspire Them to Be The Best that they can be.

Raising Knights
One homeschooling momma’s journey through the joys and perils of raising five boys to manhood.

Urban Momma…Gone Country!!!
This ‘ole blog is encouragement for Stay-at-Home-Moms featuring homemaking tips, motherhood tales, country adventures, and lots of cooking and recipes!! Trying to make the most of being a mom, taking care of your place, and being refreshed in your walk with God!!

The Blessings of Modern Domestication
Blog about family life, being a cop’s wife {LEOW}, kids, christianity and my walk with God; and mix it up with personal notes :-) hope you’ll pop on over and share the journey!

Sew & Sew ‘N Such & Such
I am a stay-at-home mom to one little girl who loves to sew, make cakes, write and pretty much do all other crafts. Here I give book reviews, link articles and blog about life and craft projects.

Sweet Blessings
Sweet Blessings is a daily blog of devotions. Stop by and be encouraged!

Coolest Family on the Block
Do you like reading the nonsensical ramblings of a stranger?! Follow this domestically-challenged Christian stay-at-home mama trying to go green, organic, vegetarian, and possibly crazy while she blogs about faith, traditions, and a whole lot of family fun! Coolest Family on the Block is committed to helping you find creative ways to have fun and make memories with your family all year-long.

Monkeys and Tutus
I am the proud wife of an American Soldier, Mommy of Benjamin and Cloee! They are a year and 10 days apart! I have 2 blogs “Monkeys and Tutus” which are my experiences in my life as an army wife and a mommy of 2 beautiful babies while facing our first upcoming deployment! And “Diary of a Glad Fat Woman” where I chronicle my journey to health and weight loss through out 2011! The challenges can be great but the rewards far outweigh all the hardships we face! I love Jesus and am learning to fully rely on him through this process!

Empowering WAHMS
Articles & Thoughts to Inspire & Empower Work At Home Moms To Follow Their Dreams!

One Day at a Time In Jesus
I hope that my blog will be used by others to save money on their grocery bill. Inturn passing on some of their finds to local shelters and teaching others how to stretch their budgets.

I also am beginning a new page on my blog with information for other Lynch Syndrome families. This type of Colon Cancer is found more often in those who carry a hereditary gene mutation which I am learning more about every day. My family is personally affected by this and I want to support others with this.

The Harris Life
The Harris Life is a blog about every day life in our home. I am a stay at home Mom to one, almost two, precious children. My main goal in life is to be a loving mother who always shows Christ first to my children. I strive to bring them into a home of Christian values and shield them from as much worldly things as possible for as long as possible.

The Word as I Learn It
A Look through the eyes of a Christian wife, mom, daughter, and friend. I love the Lord and love sharing and discussing biblical studies, issues, and am hungry to learn more about God. Share my thoughts with you, and read your thoughts as well.

Peacock Pottery
I am a SAHM / WAHM Married Christian Mom raising 2 beautiful boys & running a business. This blog is full of recipes, our time living in Warsaw Poland and all about Polish Pottery.

Growing from the Obstacles…
I blog about faith & life as a stay at home mom to 2 boys, ages 4 & 2. My youngest son was born with Spina Bifida: Myelomeningocele. I use my blog as therapy and also to spread & raise awareness about my son’s disability. I am on the creative team for a blog called, Adori Graphics- So, I also post my digiscrap layouts on there as well!

The Blessings Pour Out
Thoughts about the blessings and challenges encountered by a Christian homeschooling family of eight on our fifteen acre hobby farm. Homemaking, homesteading, homeschooling…blessed to be at home.

Musings From a SAHM
Keeping it real as a twenty-something, stay at home, Christian homeschooling mom to 4 young children. I’m blessed to be married to the most wonderful man for 8 years and counting! I love the Lord, extreme couponing, great deals, and blogging! Join me as I share the surprises, challenges, and blessings along the way.

Marbles for Mommy
All about the intersection of faith, motherhood, and the family. Come join me!

Joyful Domesticity
A blog dedicated to loving God, loving family, loving home. To this end, devotionals, Bible studies, topical articles, homemaking, cooking, family, children, homeschooling and faith are regularly explored.

Me Rasa Mi Casa
My name is Rasa and welcome to Mi Casa (my home). I share a little of my own family life, but mostly share PRACTICAL biblical truths, advice, and tips that I have learned along the way. My goal is to be a great resource guide for mothers who seek to honor the Lord in their home.

Rays Homeschool
Everything homeschool from a SAHM/WAHM, homeschooling mother of four.

Journey with the King
This is a blog about my journey with the king Jesus Christ my Lord and saviour. I will also blog on my experiences as a homeschooling mom and a wife, and mother to my three beautiful children. Whatever else the Lord leads me to blog about !

One Lady Three Boys
I am a Christian stay at home mom of two incredible little boys and wife to an amazing man. Here is my journey as a mommy as I laugh, cry and struggle through each day! To God alone be the Glory!

Christian Homeschool Mom – Canadian, Eh?
A blog about being a Christian mom who is homeschooling in Canada and all the adventures that it brings while looking after a mother who has dementia. There isn’t a large support system for Christian Homeschoolers in Canada – or Christian homeschool groups to join. I decided to write this to help others on their journey!

A Meg Moment
I am a stay at home mom and help meet to my amazing husband! I love Christ most of all and following Him is the desire of my heart. I love life and adventure! I try to look at even everyday things as adventure because it increase the adventures you have in life. :) I also love all things photography, pink, sparkly, nature, the outdoors and coffee! This blog is an accumulation of all those things plus anything else that strikes my fancy :)

Overcoming Homeschool Hurdles
SAHM Homeschool mom of 6 kids (5 boys and 1 girl). Posts that include personal reflections on my family life and how I am dealing with the “hurdles” that come my way in homeschooling, as well as ways that I have overcome homeschool difficulties (struggling learners, financial struggles), as well as tips on everything including parenting, homeschooling, teenagers, housework, thriftiness, and others.

Power Launch: Raising Leaders From Cradle to College
Jody and Jenni are two moms with eight children between us (ages 23 to 4 — from law school to pre-school), who also run a non-traditional private school in Florida, and are deeply passionate about raising leaders who will impact their generation for Christ. They are co-authoring a book called Power Launch: Shaping the High School Years with the End Result in Mind.

Homeschooling With Heart
I am a homeschooling mom with six beautiful children!

Room for Patience
Room for Patience is the internet manifestation of a 20-something wife/mother/journalist who is using her gift of communication to reach out to the world. Contents include articles, essays and vlogs on personal contemplations, insights on today’s news/cultural happenings, and how it all comes right back around to our Need for Christ.

Today’s Daily Wisdom
Wisdom is such a precious commodity! Some have it, some don’t! I’m finding my children are bursting with ‘wisdom’ and it usually makes me laugh. I hope you enjoy my ramblings on ‘wisdom’. From my family to yours, God Bless!

Shoopette’s Book Reviews
My blog is dedicated to book reviews, mostly Christian fiction. I am a wife to my wonderful, dashing husband and a mother to my beautiful, clever daughter.

Growing Little Olives
A new homeschool family journals through the journey. Trying to stay organized and sane!

My Time With God at the Kitchen Table
I love my quiet time each morning with the Lord at our kitchen table. Here this SAHM to two wonderful boys, wife to a loving husband, woman’s ministry leader and speaker shares devotions, Bible studies and just what the Lord has put on my heart. You’ll also find a page where I share some women’s ministry ideas. I hope you’ll find some inspiration and encouragement to deepen your relationship with Jesus, and have a few laughs too.

Created to be….HIS!
Learning to live my life as a wife and mother for the One who created me for His glory. I blog about marriage, motherhood, ministry, cooking, homemaking, purity, mentoring and whatever else strikes my fancy!

Stringer Mama
I am a wife, a mom, and a Pastor’s wife! Most importantly though I am a child of God. I spend most of my time being mommy to my three children God has blessed me abundantly with both blessings and trials – I have learned so much by walking this path of obedience to my wonderful God. I blog about life in our fishbowl, homemaking, and whatever else God leads me to write about!

Blessed Mom of 3
This is my online journal. I am a Christian, and a stay-at-home-mom of 3. I strive daily to be the best wife, mother, friend, and homemaker that I can be.

Joyful Favs & Finds
I ret to help women take care of their families in this bad economy. I have coupons, freebies, frugal ideas, recipes and more

The Change
I am a middle- aged wife and mother of three going through the change: the change in my family, the change in my body,and the change in my approach to life. As the Lord of my life ever changes me to His glory, I will ever praise Him.

We’re Jumpin
Random thoughts throughout the day.

Stuff and Nonsense
Stuff and Nonsense is a lifestyle blog written by a Christian wife and mother of 4, who home schools our children. I write about family life, faith, decorating, living on a budget, fashion, recipes and current events. Every friday Stuff and Nonsense hosts a link-up party for any blogger to join, called ‘Fridays Unfolded.’

I started couponing in December of 2010 and I am loving every minute of it. I learned how to coupon by studying and watching youtube videos by the Krazy Coupon Lady and the Coupon Mom. They are a great inspiration to me. I am so blessed to have learned how to do this so I am paying it forward by donating part of what I buy to the local Food Pantry on top of that I am teaching others to use coupons to help them during their financial struggles. I found couponing just in time because we were suffering financially here in my own household and now we save so much. Couponing takes a little time and effort but it is so worth it.

Adventures of a New Stay at Home Mom / Wife
I am a woman after God’s heart and every thing I do (every action, breath, word, thought) is done in an effort to bring me closer to Him. The way I respect my husband, love my children, work, etc. is all done to bring Him honor.
This blog is created to help me put into words my experience of leaving the workforce to take care of my family and hopefully grow into the wife/mother/woman God created me to be. Thanks for joining my journey!

My Children ~ My Teachers
We are a Christian family with 12 children. We are also veteran homeschoolers and my blog is our journal of life in a large family.

Encouragement and resources for moms, wives, and homeschoolers. Helping you in your walk with the Lord and your job as homemakers.

Mutli-Tasking Mommy
I post a variety of every day events, to hobbies I enjoy doing, and things that I am passionate about (family, God, and etc.)

Jill’s Home Remedies
I’ve been married to my dear husband for eleven years. I stay at home and homeschool our 4 girls. My blog is about herbs and home remedies. I enjoy teaching others the things I learn about how to save money and have a healthier family using things in nature. I’m a Christian and I believe God created many things for us to use for health and wellness. My husband and I dream of living as self-sufficient as possible and making our 5 acre property into a small homestead.

Our Peculiar Lives
We are a Christian family who loves Jesus and seeks to honor and follow God in all the things we do. We fail many times every day and seek His forgiveness, then try again. We have four young children and are a second generation home schooling family. Our blog is a mix of photography, home learning updates, home school product reviews, fun projects, and family updates.

My Life at Home
My blog contains information about things that Christian women are interested in – family, home life, recipes, hair, gardening, etc. Since I have discovered that I can upload different pages I have decided to do a page about each topic. This will help navigate you to the topic that you are interested in. My home page will show you the most updated post as well as the labels of each of my posts. Hope you enjoy!

Joy Filled Living
A mother’s journey “back to the basics.” A little bit of marriage, little bit of parenting, add in some homemaking, natural living, and product reviews and giveaways and you’ve got Joy Filled Living!

Olive Plants All Around My Table
encouraging women in the high calling of their roles as help meets to their husbands and loving, nurturing mothers to their children

Kingdom Work Ain’t Easy Peasy
A blog about motherhood, beginning the homeschooling journey, cooking, and moving to Charlotte, NC.

Called to Quiverfull
Called to Quiverfull is unlike most modern christian self-help blogs. This is chronicling the beginning of a change in Christ for the Huskey family. I hope that people will see it as bridging the gap between the hopelessly lost and those who seem to have it all figured out. Learn how we stumble through our day as we strive to live like Christ and enforce the positive affect in our children :)

Organic Aspirations
Organic Aspirations is a Christian mom striving to learn about all-natural living. It includes crafts, family ideas, inspirational posts, and prayers.

Artistic Creative Mommy
This is a great blog about family, personal experiences, emarketing, and helping work at home parents as I enjoy helping others.

Large Families On Purpose
Children are not an accident, God created them and gave them to us on purpose; God has chosen to make us a large family of 11, and we live life on purpose. *smile* My heart’s desire is to bring you encouragement, bring you vision for how life can be with a large family, bring hope that life with a large family can be pleasant and not chaotic, and to strengthen any discouraged or feeling weak sisters in Christ.

Lovely in his sight
We are women that are Lovely in our Father’s sight. This is a blog about my own personal medical journey, home-schooling part time, the life of a stay-at-home mom; including my take on meal-planning, and the journey of my sweet family as we walk with our Savior!

Beth Cranford
Christian moms can change the world.

Train Up The Child
Creative ideas for helping parents establish God’s Word in their children.

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