Kids Bible Study Week 1: Forgiveness


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Kids Bible Study Week One: Forgiveness

Forgiveness Definition in the Deep Blue Kids Bible (page 1414)

The pardoning of an offender, the giving up of a claim to a debt, or the release from an obligation.  Forgiveness is God’s gracious taking away of the barriers that separate people from God.

Discussion Points

1.) An offense is when someone hurts your feelings.

  • Name a time when you were offended or someone hurt your feelings. Do you still feel angry towards this person?
  • Forgiveness doesn’t mean that what the person did is ok.  Just because God has forgiven our sins doesn’t mean that what we did was OK or that we can do it again. It doesn’t mean that God now allows sin.  It just means that God doesn’t hold our sin against us.
  • Is it difficult for you to forgive this person?
  • Have you ever hurt someone else’s feelings?  How would you want someone to treat you if you had offended someone the same way you were offended! How does forgiving an offense set an example for others what it means to be forgiven by God through His son Jesus?

2.) A debt is when someone owes you money.

  • Forgiveness of a debt means you no longer require this person to pay you back the money you loaned to them.
  • How does forgiving a person’s debt help them to feel the love of Christ?

3.) A barrier is something designed to keep something out or keep something in.  Barriers make it difficult for us to understand God and for others to understand us.

Game Time!

Play a barrier game.  Print out “Draw the Details” coloring pages from this website:

Have your kids put up a barrier made with blocks or something else so the each person cannot see each other or their coloring page.

Then each person needs to tell the other person what to draw on his or her coloring page.  They can ONLY use their words.  It might be a good idea to put each player in a separate room since most kids will use their hands to describe details.  This will help them to realize what a barrier is and how it effects communication.

Discussion Points:

  • God’s forgiveness through His Son Jesus broke down those barriers so that we could understand God more and so that God could finally enter our life.
  • If we continue to live with a barrier towards God then the messages He sends to us will not be easily understood.
  • If we harbor un-forgiveness towards others then God says in the Bible that this too is a barrier between Him and us.
  • Before we confess our sins and accept God’s forgiveness through His Son Jesus, then we are living with a barrier towards God.
  • If you have already accepted Christ’s forgiveness then you have face-to-face access to God thought the power of The Holy Spirit.


Found in the Deep Blue Notes in the Deep Blue Kids Bible.

Sailboat Notes to Discuss

At Long Last pg.55

Discussion Point: God can use our hurt feelings to help us grow and gain a new understanding.  If we allow forgiveness into our heart then we will learn compassion, mercy, grace and love, which is what Jesus feels towards us.  Jesus understands, and through forgiveness we understand the pain others are going through too.

The Circle of Forgiveness pg.1126

Discussion Point: In this scripture God shows us that our unforgiveness is a barrier to receiving forgiveness from God.  What do you think is stopping you from forgiving other people their offenses towards you?  What could be stopping God from forgiving you?

Forgive Each Other pg.1283

Discussion Point: Do you need to forgive others on your own?  Is this going to be easy for you to do?  Who will help you to forgive others?


Life Preserver Notes

Why were animals sacrificed?  pg.120

God’s Thoughts My Thoughts Devotional

Forgiveness, pg.647

Bet You Can Reading Challenge

Show Sincere Love to Each Other, pg.1368 (1 minute)

Lighthouse Notes:

Changed Heart, pg.363


Scripture to Highlight in Your Deep Blue Kids Bible

Found in the Deep Blue Kids Bible “I wonder what to do when.” Reference Section.


  • James 2:12-13
  • Colossians 3:12-14
  • Ephesians 4:32
  • 2 Corinthians 2:7-11
  • Luke 17:3-4
  • Luke 6:37
  • Mark 11:25
  • Matthew 18:21-22
  • Matthew 6:12,14-15

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