Family Bible Study Time: Call on Jesus, Week 1

Family Bible Study Time was created by me to help encourage families to sit down at a set weekly time to discuss the Bible. Your discussions can include a theme, or whatever topic is impressing on your heart.

The next fours week on CSAHM we will provide a free printable for you to download on the topic of calling on Jesus.

I hope and pray this new weekly feature on CSAHM will be a blessing to you and your family.

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Introduction to the Study

What do you do when you are in trouble? What do you do when you feel sad? Do you call on the name of Jesus?

In the darkest moments of our lives, here and in the afterlife, only one name can save us from our sins and rescue us from the darkest of all places, and that name is Jesus.

I think one of the hardest things about being a mother is knowing that you cannot be your child’s savior. You can’t rescue them from their own sin, or the troubles this world may bring to them. But as they grow you can teach them how to handle those difficult moments of temptation or trouble – and that is by calling on the name of Jesus.

As parents we may not be in place where we call on Jesus in our own life. Often we call on God, or we look to our spouse, or money to rescue us. But in the Bible it says if you know Jesus then you know the Father, but if you don’t know Jesus then you do not know the Father. We can call on God, however Jesus brings us to the Father.

Children in Christian homes often grow up knowing about Jesus, however they don’t know how to bring Jesus into their daily life. It’s almost as if they are reading a story and Jesus is the super hero, He may not seem real to them and more like a fictional character in a really good story. But if we are going to raise up children who have a HEART for Jesus then we need to teach them to call on the name of Jesus during specific times in their life.

As we begin to teach them that Jesus can be apart of their everyday life that is when they will learn to turn to Jesus more and begin to allow Jesus to become the Lord of their life.

In this four week Family Bible Study you will discuss different scriptures that will help to encourage your children to call on the name of Jesus in times when they are afraid, sad, grateful, and when they need His help.

There is really no specific ritual they will need to do to to call on Jesus. In this Bible Study you will teach your children to simply say His name out loud when they are in moments of fear, sadness, gratitude, or if they need His help. As time goes on you can also encourage your children by reminding them to just simply say “Jesus” when they feel like they need Him nearby.

Every week your family will walk through scripture, have discussion questions, and a special section called “Call On Jesus” where you will walk through and example outcome where you may need to call on Jesus.

I truly pray that this Family Bible Study is a blessing to you and your family.

Week One: Call On Jesus When You Are Afraid

Please feel free to download week one below. It is in PDF format and can be printed out for easy access during YOUR Family Bible Study Time!

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