Gratitude that Transforms

This month at CSAHM, we’ve been talking about gratitude. To finish up the month, I wanted to add one more thought on how gratitude can transform our hearts. This time of year materialism seems to be at an all time high. My kids are focused on the newest Lego sets and I’m browsing online catalogues […]

Friendship is one of God’s Greatest Gifts

It is funny how life works sometimes. This past month of thankfulness has brought an awful test for me. I have been battling some serious moodiness. I hesitate to call it depression because overall my attitude was good, but all of a sudden on any given day, my joy would be stolen and I would […]

CSAHM Parenting Link Up 11/28/12

Welcome to the CSAHM weekly parenting link up! Let’s admit it, parenting is tough, and it is always refreshing and encouraging to find a different perspective given my our fellow moms. To participate in the CSAHM parenting link up, just add your link below. It can either be an article you have written on your […]

Grateful for Grace

In marriage, where two people are so often joined in love, trials and tribulations put the strength and commitment of the relationship to the test.  Financial pressure, extended family, even adjustments to one another’s once-cute-quirks can become tooth-clenching struggles as days melt into years. As we learn to live in and accept the grace of […]

{QOTW} Do you shop Black Friday?

Welcome to the CSAHM “Question of the Week.” Please feel free to share your answers, ideas, or thoughts to the “Question of the Week” in the comments section below. This week’s question: Do you shop Black Friday? Did you go out this year? I’m not big on crowds and the thought of Black Friday sends […]

Christmas Blessing Giveaway!

Christmas time, one of the most joyous times of year, can quickly turn into a pull-out-my-hair, if- someone-gives-me-one-more-fruitcake-I’m-going-to-throw-it, when-will-this-holiday-finally-be-over season. When we should be celebrating the birth of the One who came to save us, we are stressing over piles of wrapping paper, baked goods and party invitations. The busyness steals our peace and robs […]

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