Love Him Well


Something in my heart has shifted the past couple of years and now the eager anticipation I carried for Christmas has given way to a more earnest excitement about Easter. I think it actually happened … [Continue reading...]

“Never pass up an opportunity to…”


[Continue reading...]

Freedom in the Struggle


There is a song on the radio these days called The Struggle (Tenth Avenue North). In an interview the lead singer said something that has been on my mind off and on for a few months now. He said, “We … [Continue reading...]

Jello Easter Eggs

get-attachment (16)

Since my daughter can't (or shouldn't) have chocolate eggs or chocolate rabbits, I decided to try an alternative. I made these awesome Easter Eggs out of Jello! What You Need: 2 Large Eggs- … [Continue reading...]

DIY Ant Repellant

flowers-1441626-m (1)

With this spring time tease of temperatures and two little ones the ants really love my house.  Grrr!!!! It feels like crumbs can't hit the floor and before you turn around to clean it up, boom, ants. … [Continue reading...]

Where is your focus?


I had a very bad week. Kids, Husband, house....If everything could go wrong. It did. And I was on the verge of crumbling. I Cried, had anxiety attacks. This wasn't something I wasn't use to. This … [Continue reading...]

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